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  1. paulina24

    paulina24 New Member

    Which tablets can you place facebook games on? I am in the market to buy a tablet. I want to access the internet, play facebook games and access my email. I don't have a lot of money and am an older woman and not real tablet savvy. Any ideas?:)

  2. You might be able to play facebook games on most tablets. It it will be choppy and in reliable. Some facebook games actually have a app in the android app store which connects to your Facebook account
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  4. CharlzO

    CharlzO Well-Known Member

    I haven't tried it on a tab yet, but using Opera as a browser on my TBolt, I can play most facebook games I have (though more intensive games, like huge Farmville farms, etc, will be a lot laggier than others). May be of use to someone :)
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  5. leoborg

    leoborg New Member

    Dear Friend, not only this info is valuable but it is a huge relief to hear :rolleyes:, since I wait Prime (Asus Transformer) :D to get here (serbia) in Ni
  6. ErmaFranca

    ErmaFranca Member

    Yeah I was going to say that Android is probably your best bet for the flash support in those games (for now anyway)

    I would go with the Galaxy Tab as they are pretty good OR if you can stretch to it the Asus Transformer (the Prime if you are in the US) as this has better battery life than the iPad 2 and can be used with the dock like a netbook or on its own as a tablet. However if you are in the US the old transformer prices have been plummetting so you could get a good deal and you will get the upgrade to ICS next year anyway

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