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  1. bls

    bls Well-Known Member

    Maybe someone can explain to me the distinction between the Samsung-generated notification to login to Facebook, vs the usual Facebook app login?

    I assume what's happening is that the S4 has some native/embedded facebook functionality distinct from the official standalone Facebook app.

    I generally ignore it and just use the app. But it keeps re-notifying me. So occasionally I'll go ahead and click the Samsung/Facebook prompt, and it takes me to some sort of limited web browser (it's not Chrome, and hitting the menu button to bring up a context menu has no effect). In that browser window it asks for my facebook login info, and also mentions that I should consider downloading the facebook app - meaning that it clearly can't see that I already have it installed.

    And even if I do sign in via this embedded Samsung/Facebook, eventually it forgets and asks me to sign in again. Annoying!

    I assume this is just a thing I caused to happen by not signing into either Samsung or Facebook when the phone was originally powered up. But I'm curious to know if anyone can explain for this embedded version of facebook:
    - how it works?
    - if it is in any way better than the standalone app?
    - if I can/should disable it in favor of the standalone app?


  2. Veritas4420

    Veritas4420 Well-Known Member

    I think it has to do with syncing Gallery/Contacts.
  3. bls

    bls Well-Known Member

    Really? So is there any way to shut it down? I have no interest in syncing everything with fb.
  4. Veritas4420

    Veritas4420 Well-Known Member

    You are able to uncheck the boxes, but you still have to be logged in. I'm not sure of a way to get around it.
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  5. Evil.Bonsai

    Evil.Bonsai Well-Known Member

    Yep. Annoyed me to no end when I found this out. I gave in and logged in then set it to not sync. The notification went away and I only use google contacts and calendar to sync. I also found that as soon as I did log in, it went ahead, without asking, adding everything it could from facebook to my calendar. Had to go through and get rid of all that, too.

    what I find really annoying is what if I didn't even have a facebook account, and it kept insisting I login and sync everything. That would really piss me off.
  6. Midiman

    Midiman Well-Known Member

    It gives all the Samsung "S-" apps access to your FB info... which it doesn't need. There's none of that stuff I'm interested in anyway. I'd delete it all if I could accomplish it without rooting. It IS separate from the FB login on your FB app.
  7. pkoutoul

    pkoutoul Well-Known Member

    This is really evil. We have come to tolerate the bloatware that the carriers and manufacturers force on us. Is it too much to ask for a simple way (or ANY way) to disable unwanted behavior like this? I have been putting up with this for two weeks. I guess I'll try letting it log me in and then disabling sync. Hopefully it won't screw up my calendar and contacts too bad.
  8. Darnell0216

    Darnell0216 Well-Known Member

    I just went and unchecked the notification access for SNS. No more prompts.

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