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Facebook lost my pic while uploadingSupport

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  1. starsfan6878

    starsfan6878 New Member

    I took a pic through FB ("capture a picture") and it got stuck at 14% uploading for a couple of hours. Hitting the "clear" button would not make the notification go away. Tapping the line telling me my photo was stuck uploading at 14% did nothing as well.

    I shutdown and rebooted my phone and that got rid of the notification.

    Unfortunately, it also got rid of the picture.

    I'd like to find where FB must temporarily store the picture prior to/during upload so I can retrieve the image.

    Anybody know what to do?


    (Moto Droid, Android 2.2.1)

  2. johnlgalt

    johnlgalt Antidisestablishmentarian VIP Member

    The best you might be able to do is look on your SDCard in like a temp folder or something and see if it stored it there. Since it was in the process of uploading undoubtedly it should have been temporarily saved somewhere - but if it saved it in 'memory' then the reboot might have made it get erased. if it saved it to the SDCard, then hopefully since the transfer never completed that file should still be on the SDCard *somewhere*.

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  3. starsfan6878

    starsfan6878 New Member

    Thanks, John/HTH.

    There is a "temp" directory on my SD card but the only contents were for Flickie. I searched those anyway and found no image files.

    There was also a "tmp" directory but all it contained was an astro.db file. No joy.

    I even searched for files created or modified on the day in question and got nothing. =(

    Lesson learned: take the picture with the CAMERA function of your phone THEN upload it to FB.

    Thanks for trying.

    If anyone else thinks of something I haven't, please feel free to let me know.

  4. starsfan6878

    starsfan6878 New Member

    When searching for files modified on the day I was interested in, I found lots of CACHE files.

    I copied these to my computer and changed the file extension to .jpg.

    I was able to find copies of several pics this way but none were the one I wanted.

    Oh well...I figured I would put this up just in case it might help someone else.


  5. johnlgalt

    johnlgalt Antidisestablishmentarian VIP Member

    lol - HTH stands for Hope this helps / Hope that helped.

    I'm John, as well. nice to meet ya, and sorry it didn't work out. Another user on another forum reported the same issue using a pre-release version of Gingerbread, so I think it might actually be the Facebook app having issues. They fix posted there was a reboot....but nothing was mentioned about not being able to send the photo afterward, which means I don't think that user ever tried again.

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