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  1. sanity29

    sanity29 Well-Known Member

    I'm not sure if it's just me or not. Yesterday my phone stopped connecting to facebook. It doesn't update in the people anymore, but does just fine with the fb app from the market. I thought maybe I did something to screw it up so I decided to reset the phone and start over. Now I have nothing linked to facebook and not sure if there is a setting I'm overlooking or not. When I go into the people app, and then try to link someone I know is a friend, it pulls up nobody for any option.
    Anyone else having an issue with this? Any suggestions for fixing this? I have tried syncing through the settings>account and syc.
    I'm running stock 2.1 so you all know

  2. Specter

    Specter New Member

    I got my Hero a few days ago and it has not been able to sync my contacts with Facebook either.
  3. Joehunni

    Joehunni Well-Known Member

    There is an issue with Facebook right now, even devs can't get it working as the problem is on Facebooks end.
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  4. jwpilly

    jwpilly Well-Known Member

    From what I've heard it's a facebook/htc compatibility issue that htc is now working on. I've also heard that it may be fixed by the end of the weekend. But this is all hearsay.
  5. jayo727

    jayo727 Member

    well i hope it gets fixed soon. Thanks for the update
  6. jayo727

    jayo727 Member

    all fixed for me.... !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  7. Kev133

    Kev133 New Member

    How did you fix it???
  8. zstoddard

    zstoddard New Member

    Where are you hearing this information about them fixing it? Can you please list your source? Thanks.
  9. sanity29

    sanity29 Well-Known Member

    Thanx for all the replies, but still no luck for me. Still broken and doesn't recognized and of my friends to link them in people.

    jayo727: how did you fix it?
  10. HTC EVO

    HTC EVO Active Member

    i assume this is an issue for the EVO as well? Either that or something must of happened after i rooted it last night... All my contacts show up under google and when i searched for my FB friends, it just shows a big fat 0.
  11. Joehunni

    Joehunni Well-Known Member

    Yup, issue between htc/Facebook.
  12. jayo727

    jayo727 Member

    ok heres what fixed it for me and im not saying it will for you but mine is all linked up after not linking since last Thursday. First i went to People > menu > view and then i checked the facebook box. This box wasnt there for 4 whole days. After that i just went to settings > accounts and sync > facebook for htc sense and hit sync now. After that all my facebook contacts were there. Good luck and i hope it works for some
  13. tdieckman

    tdieckman Well-Known Member

    Here's the response I got from HTC just today:

    We are aware of the concern with the facebook syncing. There seems to have been a miscommunication between Facebook servers and your phone and that caused an inability to sync updates. This seems to have happened after the latest security update on facebook, and reports online have been indicating it is with android over all as some other phone makers are looking into the concern as well. We have been working with Facebook to determine a fix for our customers. In the mean time, we have found that some customers have success when editing their work profiles on their Facebook page. If you have added a company and have checked the box next to “I currently work here,” simply add the City / Town of your office. This will allow for HTC Sense to communicate with Facebook without failing. You can also delete the work information, and add it back after we have made the appropriate changes to solve this issue. Some people have also mentioned that this should apply to the eduction fields as well.

    So I tried all that (deleted my education and work information on Facebook), but I still don't get contact pictures updated from Facebook (and they're all blank since I also had to reset my gmail associated account to fix another problem with gmail syncing not working last week). At least I have my contacts syncing, but it's really frustrating not having the pictures for nearly everyone.
  14. Guitardoc64

    Guitardoc64 Well-Known Member

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