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Facebook not showing messagesSupport

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  1. 5c0tt

    5c0tt Member

    Hello All,

    I am experiencing a problem with my Facebook app.

    When I load the app on my DHD I am able to see the news feed but if I try pressing the messages drop down menu I get an error message.
    I also get the same error message when I go to the messages inbox.

    I have tried uninstalling & reinstalling the app, restarting the handset & also tried installing a separate app Facebook Messenger but this is still unable to show my inbox with my messages.

    If anyone knows how to fix this problem or can recommend things I should try I'd be grateful.


  2. CDPlant

    CDPlant Well-Known Member

    To be honest I think it's the actual Facebook app itself that doesn't really work properly. It's widely known for being terrible and hardly working. My advice would be to go on your browser and try m.facebook.com which works a lot better than the app :)

    They are (apparently) in the process of re-writing the app entirely so that it works better, but there's no timeframe for it being released.

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