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    Jun 18, 2012
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    Hello everyone,
    this is my first post here, because I really can't figure it out all by myself..and yes I've been reading all about this topic here and everywhere else I could find..

    So the problem is that no any FB notification come on Xperia S (LT26i) for any ordinary FB notification I have (inbox,notification,poke,comment,..etc). Not anything pop-out on notification bar, or on lockscreen. It has latest upgrade (build 6.0.A.3.75) and OS version Gingerbread (2.3.7).

    Here's a list of things I did check on my phone before posting here:
    -FB app updated to latest version from Play Store
    -in FB app under Settings-all notifications options are checked
    -FB app synchronization set to Auto-sync
    -official FB app widget added to homescreen
    -'FB inside Xperia' app option under main Android settings-Xperia-FB inside Xperia-FB integration checked
    '-FB inside Xperia' app synchronization set to Auto-sync
    -in Contacts, under Settings-Show status updates-Status view-(tryed FB option and All options)
    -in Contacts, under Filter-Display contacts-FB-All contacts checked
    -in main Android settings-Display-Lock screen settings-FB notifications checked
    -in Timescape under Settings-Set up services-FB account connected
    -in Timescape under Settings-Update mode-(tried manual and auto update)
    -Timescape widgets 'Feed' and 'Friends' added to homescreen
    -at FB online page settings all apps approved and allowed to notify/push
    -at FB online page settings all e-mail notifications for all (events/pokes/posts..etc..) checked all
    -at FB online page settings for 'Always use FB as <Your name> or <Page you administrate>, set to My name' ; just in case
    -tested on WiFi and Data traffic
    -tried resetting my phone

    I think thats all I could remember. If u have any advice, hint or idea please help because It's really frustrating and unsolving problem to me.

    Thank You all in advance!


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