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  1. Cyberkiller

    Cyberkiller Member

    Is there anyway to get facebook notifications like we do with new email or text messages? If someone messages me on facebook or writes on my wall i'd like a notification.

    I have both facebook for sense and the facebook app installed.

  2. Tyler Perez

    Tyler Perez Well-Known Member

    I noticed when I disabled the battery efficiency option, my started to get facebook notifications.
  3. JimKnuckles

    JimKnuckles Well-Known Member

    My Facebook logs me out all the time. I have to re sync my contacts every time. Annoying
  4. Andy in NY

    Andy in NY Well-Known Member

    This is kind of a general HTC sence question but because I have a 3d I'll post it here... Since day 1 I have not gotten fb notifications for anything. My Co worker who has a 3d gets them perfect and instant. Who do I not get them? I am signed into fb for HTC sence and fb for Android. Both are set to sync.
  5. bbean7

    bbean7 Member

    I have the same problem. I have the yahoo mail app and it dings every time I get an email, but facebook does not. I am also signed into both facebooks and both are synced.

    I MAY have just found the solution to our problem. Tap the fb icon to bring up the facebook app. Then get to the "main" facebook page on the app (if on news feed tap the word "news feed" and that will get you there.) Then tap the "menu" button on the acutal phone (the one just right of the house, looks like four lines.) Then tap settings, then make sure notifications is checked. Mine was already checked but I still wasn't getting them. However, when I hit the notification ringtone tab (found under notification settings) it was on silent.
    Please note two things. One, I just did this so I have no clue if this willl fix our problem or not. Two, I just got the evo 3d and it is not only my first droid phone, but it is also my first smart phone. I am for sure a newbie who is still learning!
    If I went to far into detail, I'm sorry, but I like very clear step by step instructions.
    Please let me know if this works or if you find another fix that works better.
  6. BigCiX

    BigCiX Well-Known Member

    The only thing I know is if u have the actual app, in settings you should be able to check what you want as a notification.
  7. Andy in NY

    Andy in NY Well-Known Member

    Ya but the actual fb app doesnt notify of wall posts or comments, but fb for htc sense DOES. ive seen hundreds of them do it right ot of the box... Except for mine.
  8. CarrieK

    CarrieK Well-Known Member

    Hi! I don't know if this will help some of you, or you may already be aware of it. If you log into the full web version of fb and click on Account, you will see an option to Link Accounts. What this will do is log you into fb if you are logged into the linked account. There are several listed, and a couple of options are Yahoo and Google. I have done this and stay logged in to fb on my phone.

    Again, hope this helps someone :)
  9. jean15paul

    jean15paul Member

    I don't remember if it was Phandroid or Android Central, but one of them posted a way to improve android facebook notifications. Basically the fix was to log into your facebook account from a blackberry and then log out (anyone's blackberry; it doesn't have to be yours). Once you do that, Facebook for Blackberry will be an authorized application within facebook your facebook account and you'll start getting notifications sent to your android app. (you can check by going to privacy settings --> edit application settings from a PC.)

    I came over to android from blackberry so I didn't specifically try this, but I will say that facebook for blackberry is an authorized app on my facebook account and I DO get notifications.
  10. I.B. Pimpin

    I.B. Pimpin Active Member

    Yes that is exactly what I did. Worked like a charm.
  11. jlear3

    jlear3 Well-Known Member

    if anyone wants notifications, Friendcaster is a facebok app that works well with them :D
  12. rothlike

    rothlike Member

    My Facebook for Android app does not have a notification checkbox for wall posts, just messages, friend requests and event invites.
  13. krayziejoe

    krayziejoe Active Member

    The Facebook app for Android blows goats. Its basically the mobile version of their website that they call an app.
  14. CarrieK

    CarrieK Well-Known Member

    I accidentally logged into fb via the mobile version and received a tip that you can text "fb" to 32665 and receive sms fb notifications. You can also use that number to update your status via sms.

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