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Facebook now has Push!General

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  1. wooly

    wooly Active Member


  2. howarmat

    howarmat Well-Known Member

    i only have facebook for sense under there. No facebook at all. And everything works for me
  3. Mr Marcus

    Mr Marcus Well-Known Member

    I use the non-sense (pun intended) fb app... just "up"graded..no push here. Only reason Id use this version. If I cant get push to work, Im going back to the old version... any insight on why its working for some and not others (with the same phone)?

    Rooted DI here.
  4. jryan727

    jryan727 Well-Known Member

    This just made my week! Thanks for the heads up! I always forget to check for updates...
  5. jayjay1122

    jayjay1122 Well-Known Member

    Anyone who believes they have push notifications working can you tell us how you know, other than "I am getting notifications faster"?

    I do not mean that to be sarcastic, but aside from some of us being rooted, we are all on the same phone running some version of 2.2 (some ROM's are 2.2.1) so you'd think it would be the same on all of our phones.

    There are over 1,000 comments on FB since the posting of the release and it seems like 980 of them are people who aside from chat are not getting any different behavior.
  6. slinky317

    slinky317 Well-Known Member

    Those of you getting push notifications, can we go through the settings on the Facebook app?

    Here is what I have, and I'm NOT getting push notifications:

    Refresh interval: 2 hours
    Notifications: Checked/Active
    Messages: Checked
    Friend requests: Checked
    Event invites: Checked
    Vibrate: Not Checked
    Phone LED: Checked
    Notification ringtone (don't think this matters but whatever): Ascend
  7. DandFSlone

    DandFSlone New Member

    New to the forum here today.

    My roommate just got his Incredible yesterday and his facebook has push notifications while I do not. I got my Incredible back in August. I upgraded his facebook app and my facebook app at the same time. The reason I know he has push is because if I post to facebook he gets notified within 5 seconds. Where as if he posts to mine I have to use a different program to receive my notifications. Our phones are set the same inside of facebook so I figure it is a facebook problem as to why he gets the push and I dont.
  8. machelle

    machelle Member

    Mine are all the same except mine is 30 minutes and I am getting notifications. I removed my facebook from accounts and just downloaded the app from the market, then turned my phone off for 30 minutes. So far its been 24 hours and I am working great. Chat is ok but I hardly ever do it anyways.
  9. slinky317

    slinky317 Well-Known Member

    Can you look at the "Accounts & sync" option in the Android menu and see if you guys have any differences? Also, click the "Add account" button and see if the Facebook option (not Facebook for HTC Sense) appears, if it has a green checked circle next to it, etc.
  10. Coldfuse

    Coldfuse Member

    does anyone else have group problems as well? I cannot see any of my groups at all. Since it was introduced... not a darn thing. HTC Desire 2.2.
  11. rtm0004

    rtm0004 Well-Known Member

    and once everybody gets used to it, they will change it all up to make it "better" and "easier":rolleyes:
  12. euph_22

    euph_22 Well-Known Member

    Honestly, have ANY of the facebook updates made it better?
  13. Mr Marcus

    Mr Marcus Well-Known Member

    Machelle- are you saying you're getting true PUSH notifications?

    *Not directed at you, Machelle*, but I don't know why they'd have interval settings if we're supposedly getting push? Anyone else actually getting push, please chime in....

    C'mooonnnnnnnn Facebook.
  14. howarmat

    howarmat Well-Known Member

    ok here are my settings
    Refresh interval: 1 hours
    Notifications: Checked/Active
    Messages: Checked
    Friend requests: Checked
    Event invites: Checked
    Vibrate: Checked
    Phone LED: Checked

    I also do not have "facebook" listed under my accounts and sync

    You can see the push notification in my notifications right here
  15. slinky317

    slinky317 Well-Known Member

    Could it have something to do with the privacy options for Facebook?
  16. Mr Marcus

    Mr Marcus Well-Known Member

    Ok, just mirrored mine to yours. My FB is not in my Accts and Sync either. Let's see if this works......
  17. Mr Marcus

    Mr Marcus Well-Known Member

    Negative. And even tried it again after restarting phone. Nada.
  18. jayjay1122

    jayjay1122 Well-Known Member

    But if you click Add Account, do you see it on the next page?
  19. Mr Marcus

    Mr Marcus Well-Known Member

    Howarmat, in your FB account, do you have your SMS notifications enabled or no? Email notifications?
  20. Mr Marcus

    Mr Marcus Well-Known Member

    I'm not Howarmat :) but I do see it if I hit Add Account.... however, if I tap it there, it does nothing, like I never touched it. Hmmmmm.
  21. amarryat

    amarryat Well-Known Member

    Definitely getting push notifications - I have noticed them when someone comments on my status update. They must have neglected to change the "Refresh interval" settings choices. Mine is set to "Never", but the item directly below it "Notifications" is set to "Active". Maybe "Never" should be renamed to "Push".
  22. Mr Marcus

    Mr Marcus Well-Known Member

    That was my first theory, and it didn't work for me either. I have tried now at NEVER, 30min, 1hour... goose egg.

    For those getting pushed notifications, are you just getting pushed notifications from comments on your status? How about for the subsequent comments after you comment on or like someone else's status- or if someone posts on your wall? Anything else?
  23. howarmat

    howarmat Well-Known Member

    no SMS and no emails

    correct this is how mine works also.
  24. howarmat

    howarmat Well-Known Member

    i am getting push from other posts on other profiles also, not just mine
  25. Mr Marcus

    Mr Marcus Well-Known Member

    Hmm, maybe that's it (somefreakinhow). Back to the drawing board. A while back I put my sms notifications on in lieu of Push. Lemme go try that before I do something rash lol....

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