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  1. jkryvanis

    jkryvanis Member

    When i used the facebook app to take a photo and post it to my wall, the quality was the worste i have seen an image in in a long time. Is there a way to change the default quaity of photo upload with that "take a picture" feature?

  2. I'd like to know the answer to this too. It seems like my photos are being automatically resized to 121x162 when they are uploaded. I understand them wanting to save bandwidth by resizing, but that small seems kind of ridiculous. Is there a way to adjust the resizing dimensions?
  3. tnorris

    tnorris Active Member

    In another thread some one suggested that you can go the camera app instead and select the picture in the top right hand corner after you take it and select "share on facebook." The net result is the same but the crazy resizing doesn't happen. I just tried it and it works better. I agree, there should really be a setting in the FB App to configure that.
  4. ImBatman

    ImBatman Member

    Bump. It's a total joke. Makes the feature useless AND it doesn't even save the full-sized photo in the media gallery. Lame.
  5. DJChiments

    DJChiments Member

    Bump bump bump
  6. messenger13

    messenger13 Well-Known Member

    Why are we bumping this thread when the answer has already been offered? :confused:

    DO NOT USE the facebook app for sharing pics! It does NOT work very well.

    See how easy that is? ;)

    Alternative Method:

    1 - Take pics using the camera app of your choice.
    2 - Go to the Gallery to review pics, crop pics, whatever.
    3 - Long press on a pic and select 'Share'.
    4 - Select facebook and carry on from there.

    Using this method, you will be more than satisfied with the results. At least, I have been.
  7. DJChiments

    DJChiments Member

    I bumped it because it should be fixed. The feature is there for simplicity. The method you suggest has more steps than i would like to participate in when i'm trying to upload a pic on the fly.

    What works for some doesn't always work for others.

    Thanks for the alternative method, I will use that as I have no other choice at the moment.
  8. Dexsting

    Dexsting Member

    Um...for #3, I long press on a pic to share, but facebook is not an option...
  9. Jeanine

    Jeanine Member

    I just tried this and Facebook is an option on my phone. I am using the stock camera app though, so that may make a difference.
  10. Turdbogls

    Turdbogls Well-Known Member

    if facebook is not an option, you have a whole new set of problems. using the stock camera, or camera 360 and the stock gallery app, i have no problems sharing HQ pics with Facebook. just did it actually :)
  11. Dexsting

    Dexsting Member

    Ah, I see...I only see it if I only select one picture to share...if I select multiple pictures I can only share it with all the other programs, but not facebook...which sucks on many levels...I don't suppose you know anyway to upload multiple pics without select, share, upload, ok; select, share, upload, ok; ...
  12. Dexsting

    Dexsting Member

    Another forum helped me out; An ap out there called Pixelpipe Photo & Upload will let me select mutiple photos to upload :)

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