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  1. pappu060

    pappu060 New Member

    I just recently got a Samsung Galaxy GT S 5570 with Android 2.2.1 and it's all fine and except for one thing.

    Whenever I ve log in Facebook by 'mobile facebook Apps' downloaded from Android market is fine but if I comments or changed any status update its shows on wall something like updated 'via Mobile web' where as other product >Iphone,HTC shows 'via Iphone' / 'Via Android'. Why not this Samsung Galaxy GT S 5570.Anybody have any idea.

    My android is not rooted or anything, nor was it upgraded.

    Plz help!

  2. mazda6

    mazda6 Member

    i think u should first download the facebook application from the market
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  3. androidhaka

    androidhaka Active Member

    can i tag frinds in picture, uploaded through this facebook applications?
  4. pappu060

    pappu060 New Member

    I ve already download Facebook apps from android market n installed but not working as I told "It shows status update by Mobile web but not shows status update by Android.." Plz any one know why..or how to slove.
  5. atulalvenkar

    atulalvenkar Active Member

    That line comes from the application itself and not dependent on phone.The Android facebook app is coded such that it displays "via Mobile Web". HTC android phones which show such a thing might be using some sense specific facebook app and not the one found on market.
  6. techlearn

    techlearn Well-Known Member

    download "facebook for android" and upload your status from that app, it will show. I am using this app.
  7. Twinynumber2

    Twinynumber2 Member

    It's not working.. I have that installed & still says Facebook mobile
  8. roofrider

    roofrider Well-Known Member

    are u on stock rom froyo or did u flash to any custom roms?
  9. pappu060

    pappu060 New Member

    It was working update n installed new application facebook for android" but now not working. Now shows "Status update via Facebook Mobile" but it would be via Android..Plz help.
  10. Waterborne

    Waterborne Member


    I think the "problem" is with Facebook itself. Not only is "via Android" affected, but also "via iPhone" and "via Blackberry". I just checked it right now and saw that previous status updates / posts with "via iPhone" and "via Blackberry" were also affected too (changed to "via Facebook Mobile").

    Hope I helped.
  11. intelprakash

    intelprakash Active Member

    yep! just checked in my pop, no via android on status update
  12. Widad

    Widad New Member

    I've just bought my new Samsung Galaxy S II.. At first when i updated my facebook status, it appears Via Android. However, a few seconds later (I think around 10-15 seconds), it suddenly change to Via Mobile... I guess the facebook itself are having trouble in locating our phone type... It's a kind of frustrating right... Btw, hope it help.... Gues we just need to wait for the solution by facebook itself...
  13. mubz

    mubz New Member

    you need to install an app called "Status Via" found on the android market, with that you can update your status and it will show "via android"
  14. Wurstbro

    Wurstbro New Member

  15. erum

    erum Member

    i had use this set in past i dint face any sort of problem like this it might be temporary bug check it later on.
  16. undaclazz

    undaclazz New Member

    I heard somewhere, it happened since google launched their google+, and facebook doesn't want to advertise google product..

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