Facebook Sync and Accounts Issue - Droid 4.0

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  1. mesochaser

    mesochaser New Member

    I just recently purchased the Samsung Galaxy Nexus with the Droid 4.0.2 OS. I formally had the HTC Droid Incredible with Droid 2.3.4 OS. The contacts in my Samsung are not syncing with Facebook - no pictures being copied into the phone, and no updated information within the contacts. I've logged into the Facebook app on my phone, and there are no settings (that I can find) that relate to syncing with the phone.

    In a separate but possibly related issue, when I go to the accounts section of my phone (Settings -> Accounts & sync), no Facebook account is listed whereas all of my Gmail accounts are listed. When I click "Add Account" a Facebook option is listed in the menu, but when I click on it, it merely takes me back to the list of current accounts on my phone and the result is no added Facebook account. When I remove the Facebook app completely from my phone by uninstalling it, then go back to the accounts section and click "Add Account" Facebook is no longer an option. So, it would seem that an error exists in adding Facebook as an account for syncing purposes to the Droid 4.0.2 OS - or I am doing it wrong. My HTC allowed Facebook to be an account with syncing options, whereas my Samsung does not.

    Any ideas?

  2. log1c

    log1c Well-Known Member

    Go on Facebook>Menu on phone>Settings>scroll down and there should be an option for Sync Contacts
  3. mesochaser

    mesochaser New Member

    @log1c - Thanks for your reply. However, I believe we have different versions of the app (ver. 1.8.1) - again, I'm on the Android 4.0.2 OS. When I go to the menu, only the following options are available to me: General Settings: Refresh interval, and Notifications; and Notification Settings: Messages, Friend requests, Evite invites, Vibrage, Phone LED, and Notification ringtone.

    There are no options for Sync. Are you using the Droid 2.3.4 perhaps?

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