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  1. Warscyther

    Warscyther New Member

    Hey there,

    Before you ask, I'v searched the forum, but have not found an answer to this problem.

    When I go to Settings -> Accounts & Sync -> Facebook, it required me to log in. I enter THE CORRECT information, and yet it pop up with a little error saying "Login failed. try again"

    I'v tried this over 100 times I swear..
    I have tried turning Wifi on and off,
    Sync on and off,
    removed Facebook app,
    rebooting the phone,
    changing the password of my Facebook account
    and signing in on a desktop PC and deleting "Samsung Mobile" from Application Settings.. Unfortunatly no avail.
    I even tried setting up sync with brothers account. Same problem.

    If anyone has any infomation to help me overcome this problem please share.

    Thanks :)

    FYI: Default UI, Not rooted, Android 2.1.


  2. gallandof

    gallandof Well-Known Member

    have you tried logging in through the facebook app itself or just the accounts and sync?
  3. Warscyther

    Warscyther New Member

    Yeah I used the Facebook App which worked flawlessly, aswell as the Widget for the idle screen.
  4. rsquared

    rsquared New Member

    Best Answer
    Login to your facebook account and go to Privacy Settings >> Applications and Websites >> Edit Your Settings, and turn on platform applications, the option is a hyperlink near the top of the page. Good luck!
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  5. dlwyatt

    dlwyatt New Member

    Thanks rsquared. that seemed to work.
  6. homeslice5484

    homeslice5484 New Member

    I am having the same problem and cannot get Facebook to sync at all! Sprint told me to call Google but how?
  7. homeslice5484

    homeslice5484 New Member

    Do you have to be using a gmail account for your facebook account?
  8. homeslice5484

    homeslice5484 New Member

    nevermind, once i updated the facebook app and powered cycled it finally worked! Frustrating!
  9. cybeh

    cybeh New Member

    Login to your Facebook on a browser on computer, goto Privacy Settings>Application and Websites (in the bottom left corner)> Enable platform applications.

    Worked for me instantly.

  10. saroj9001

    saroj9001 New Member

    This seems not to be working :(. The Platform Application setting was ON already. But still getting "Login failed, Try Again" message when trying to add my facebook account. Also I noticed in Applications settings -> Mobile there is a new setting under "Which applications can send texts" called facebook for android. This cannot be unchecked as well :eek:. Not sure if it has something to do with this login issue. If anyone can enlighten us on this problem would be much appreciated :)

  11. JarradDD

    JarradDD New Member

    Note: This only works if you could initially sync but it stopped working
    Hey mate i have the same issue, when i took out my sim card and put in another when i returned to mine i could no longer sync with facebook. I dont have a solution but i do have a work around. If you have a second email address, go into facebook and in accounts, account-settings add your second e-mail into the the emails that can access facebook. Then go back to accounts and sync on your phone and use this e-mail to access your facebook and hey presto you can sync again. I have no idea why you cant sync with the old one but at least this allows you to sync.
    Hope this helps
  12. hasan86

    hasan86 New Member

    I think I figured out a solution. For the Applications You Use section, if the Platform Applications are turned off, turn them on. If they're already on, turn them off, and then turn them back on. I was in the latter situation and that fixed it for me.

    Hope this helps.
  13. brandobean

    brandobean New Member

    I had the same problem. Then I noticed that when I tried to login from the desktop, it told me that that email had been removed from my account. Ahh, yes, I remember I had been loging in with an outdated Hotmail account address, and I'd removed it from my account. When the session expired, it wouldn't let me log into the site again apparently (throwing that meaningless try again later error). The fix was to login with the remaining email address that I hadn't deleted. Then everything worked.
  14. MasterCronus

    MasterCronus New Member

    I did this, but now I don't have any apps listed under platform apps. How do I add my phone(listed as Samsung Mobile) back there?
  15. softpinkishlips

    softpinkishlips Well-Known Member

    any solutions?? im having the same problem
  16. sdrawkcab25

    sdrawkcab25 Well-Known Member

    Generally the solution is to login in to facebook from a computer and check the application permissions/settings.
  17. kharn83

    kharn83 Member

    thanks rsquared! worked great for me too! :)
  18. kharn83

    kharn83 Member

    thanks rsquared! worked for me too! :)
  19. JNasty

    JNasty New Member

    Fortunately changing your primary login email address worked for me. Hopefully I can change it back on both my facebook page and my android accounts
  20. FatMick Prime

    FatMick Prime Member

    Had this problem since yesterday. Changing primary email worked for me too. Cheers dude!
  21. gbswales

    gbswales Active Member


    when I try to check my feeds from the social hub they all say "Please login SNS account first" this applies to twitter, facebook and linkedin. In the messages area they are syncing with the exception of gmail which just doesnt update.

    The separate gmail, facebook and twitter apps work ok is is just the feeds into social hub that dont! - I only want the feeds i dont want them updating my contacts :confused:
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  22. dinorawr

    dinorawr New Member

    remove your sim card and connect via wifi sync to fb without your sim card in. then it should work, even after replacing your card :) everything else i tried failed.
  23. gbswales

    gbswales Active Member

    What worked for me was to remove all the synced accounts and then add them back in - this time around I was careful to read what I was syncing and made sure that contacts were not being synced so it gave me back my sync and stopped all those "unknown accounts" being added to my contacts.
  24. 41global

    41global New Member

    Had same exact issue happening to me, Removing accounts from synced accounts and readding them back worked fine for me. I'd say try removing all accounts from sync and then readd and see what happens.
  25. Chrisy

    Chrisy New Member

    I notice this thread is about a year old, but I am having this issue. I have done everything to get my contacts and my calendar to sync on my Samsung Galaxy S GT-I9000 but nothing works. I've tried using the Integrated contact account option but every single time for the past week it say log in failed please try again later!!! I'm at my wits end!! I'm hoping this is a Facebook software issue as I have noticed that the "Samsung phone app" is not on my list nor can I re add it from facebook it self as it says that page is not available. If anyone has any ideas apart from drop kicking my phone out the door then PLEASE reply....... Thanks.

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