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  1. ludist210

    ludist210 Well-Known Member

    So I'm asking this question on behalf of my wife (her Droid 2 just arrived yesterday). We set up her Google account to get all of her phone numbers, emails and such. After we downloaded the Facebook app, I tried to sync her contacts with Facebook, but none of her Google contacts have their Facebook pictures attached to them (even though the phone said Facebook would be the default source for contact photos).

    Did I miss a step? I did everything that I did on my X, but it didn't work...so any help would be appreciated. Thanks!

  2. BabyRN

    BabyRN Well-Known Member

    Try turning off the phone and turning it back on. I had to do that to mine, kinda like a "reboot" after a new setting. My pics are synced now.
  3. ludist210

    ludist210 Well-Known Member

    I'll try that with hers, but the odd thing is that her contacts aren't "linked" with Facebook. Under the Linked profiles section in a contact's info, no Facebook is listed for any of them.
  4. BabyRN

    BabyRN Well-Known Member

    That is weird. She might have to manually link them. Sucks, but that might work.
  5. ludist210

    ludist210 Well-Known Member

    Maybe so. How would we go about doing that?
  6. BabyRN

    BabyRN Well-Known Member

    Under each contact, you hit the menu button, then hit "link contact", then choose the facebook contact list and hit "link" for the matching contact. I had to do it for a few (like my mom, she is mom in my phone book but her name on facebook)
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  7. ludist210

    ludist210 Well-Known Member

    Ah gotcha. She called at lunch and said some have started appearing. For the rest, we'll do it this way. Thanks so much for your help!
  8. Redflea

    Redflea Well-Known Member

    There are two Facebook options on the D2:

    - Facebook app from the Market - download/install and log in
    - Facebook account built-in on the D2 - Settings>Accounts>Add New

    If you used the FB app from the market, when run on the D2 it doesn't offer the same sync options that it offered on the D1 (No sync, sync w/existing contacts on phone, sync all FB contacts).

    If you used the built-in FB account setup, that will syn all your FB accounts to the phone, no option to control it, and sets FB as the source of contact pictures.

    If you have only used the Market FB app then the lack of sync would make sense, as from what I've read around here that app does not sync accounts on its own...

    So which have you used (one or both?) and what's her current status w/contacts updating w/FB pics/info?
  9. Bahester

    Bahester New Member

    I just got a droid 2 yesterday and I've been searching everywhere to find an answer to this. Everyone said I was crazy but when downloading the FB app from the market I got no sync option. I tried the other way using accounts but didn't see a sync either. I also didn't turn my phone off and back on so maybe I'll try that. Does anyone know a way to still sync them or if it's just a bug that will be fixed? Thanks!
  10. Redflea

    Redflea Well-Known Member

    You'll see no sync option w/the built-in FB client - there's no "yes or no", it just happens.

    It may take a little while to sync/show up in your contacts list.

    Also, the Market FB app puts an icon in the Accounts section as well, a smaller one than the built-in FB client. Make sure you log into the built-in FB client.

    Then check your Contacts, and make sure you are displaying "All" contacts...should say All at the top of of the contacts screen - if not tap the header of the screen and select "All" from the list, or use the Menu button and select Groups.

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