Facebook syncs contacts even when unchecked with wifiSupport

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  1. Peterh92

    Peterh92 New Member

    Hi, if i use the social hub thing for facebook, I want to sync the calendar, but as you can guess, with around 700 people i now have on facebook, i definitely do not want them in my phone contacts, so i don't sync contacts or anything :p

    This always works fine, until I connect to wifi, and every single time, I end up with my entire facebook friends list in contacts, and I must delete the social hub account and re-enter my information. It doesn't tick sync contacts or anything, it just does it by itself :/

    The only annoying thing with totally disabling it is my calendar is now empty, and i would like to use it for birthdays/events

    Anyone know a way around this? cheers :)

  2. Peterh92

    Peterh92 New Member

    Not usually one for bumping stuff, but surely someone knows what to do?? :L
  3. chichai

    chichai New Member

    [FONT=&quot]Have you tried to uncheck the Auto-Sync?[/FONT]
  4. Peterh92

    Peterh92 New Member

    very funny >.> yep i did mention it in the original post :p
  5. jkrame3

    jkrame3 Guest

    This is maddening- I want to ONLY sync one email account's contacts. I've unchecked everything that I don't want (contacts from non-primary accounts) under sync, deleted all the contacts from the accounts I do not want to sync, and now the the sync is giving me an error message that there are "too many deletes."

    Yes. I wanted to delete all those unwanted duplicate contacts.

    Why is it still syncing? It gave me a warning for all the accounts I unchecked sync contacts on. If you uncheck something, one would reasonably think it would stop no matter what, right?

    I don't want the same contact showing up 8 different times when I search for it (syncing all these accounts ballooned my contact list to 6000 people even though my professional contacts list is under 1000). Even if you filter out the contacts accounts in the main contacts search view, they still show up when you enter an email.

    It's way too confusing to have that many duplicates.

    I only want one list of contacts.

    I am running Android 2.3.6 (stock) on a Tmobile Galaxy Sii. I only wish to sync my work contacts over exchange. All my gmail accounts I do not want to sync contacts on.

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