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  1. Garawa

    Garawa Active Member

    As most people, I have a list of friends and also Facebook "friends" in my contacts list. This is fine and useful. However every now and again everyone's picture changes to whatever the picture is in their FB profile. Again this is better than a grey head but for close friends in which I have been able to assign a photo that the phone allowed me to crop this is annoying.

    Surely if I have told the phone this is the picture I want for this contact shouldn't it keep it as it is? Ok I can re-assign the picture but it is time I shouldn't have to waste. I can't figure out when/why it happens! As the phone syncs a couple of times a day, it should do it daily but it only does it every few weeks.

    Anyone know why or how to stop it? It is starting to clutter the contacts with extra entries in some cases.

  2. Caro332

    Caro332 Well-Known Member

    Your facebook app must be linked to your contacts. I don't think it's possible to unlink specific people. It's either everyone or no one. But I did was that in the sync options, I disabled facebook sync and installed contact-sync (Has a round blue logo with fb written in the middle and white arrows going around). And with that you can manually choose which contact to sync I believe (Not 100% sure since I sync all my contacts)
  3. Garawa

    Garawa Active Member

    Thanks. There seems to be a lot of settings that all look the same. I assume it is the Facebook for HTC Sense option since Facebook (whatever that is) is not set to sync. Also in the contacts each one has a Facebook option and a HTC Sense Facebook option each with a different picture.

    Think it might be best to save, edit and re-download the address book. Wonder if I can save their thumbnails first as it is useful when searching for someone you dont have a picture for.

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