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  1. helijohn

    helijohn Active Member

    Help please. I desperately want to remove these apps from the streak5 and nothing does it. Even deleted them in MyPhoneExplorer and they lived. Grrrrrrrrr

  2. cdzo72

    cdzo72 Well-Known Member

    If you did ANY reading at all then you would find oit that younhave to root your Streak and then do one of two things.

    Use a backup app to uninstall the apps you want to be rid of or

    Use a root enabled file explorer to delete the apk files from the system.

    BUT this is all Greek to you since you won't read or do any research
  3. helijohn

    helijohn Active Member

    Thanks for telling me I have to root the device. My reading led me to believe I can simply delete apps such as twitter.

    However, couldn't you have been a little nicer in your approach to helping persons - I have only been using smartphones for a few months and I find the Dell the more puzzling. As a PC user I am used to being able to simply uninstall unwanted programs.

    You might like to know I have googled about apps but if you want me to read a proper text book on the subject kindly tell me what book to get. Currently I have spent ages reading on how to connect the Dell streak 5 via USB to my netbook so as to use the phone's internet on my netbook. So I have read a substantial amount you might like to know.

    As a forum member I assumed the forum was here to point me in the right direction and assist, possibly with links to help - after all, one of the first places to find out what to do is on a forum.

    Finally, you might be smartphone savvy but there are those who see rooting as an awesome task. One day you will require assistance on something about which you are ignorant and I hope you get a less cynical and sarcastic response.
  4. cdzo72

    cdzo72 Well-Known Member

    First of all, you read nowhere that you just delete an app, and if you HAD deleted the app then you would have to be rooted, to be rooted you would have to had read much more, sooo that leads me to believe that just like many other noobs, you just flat out want to be spoon fed.

    To answer your question, no, I'm actually being very nice. And the other is no, we are not here to POINT you in the right direction, we are here to help with prevalent issues, not demeaneal items such as uninstalling or freezing a system app. I WILL SAY AGAIN, read more and then when you get done, read some more
  5. helijohn

    helijohn Active Member

    This to me is a prevalent and relevant issue.
    I can uninstall apps - I have done so - does not have to be rooted to remove Yahoo app or whatever. I guess you'd respond with that is an app that has been downloaded rather than being part of the firmware. An app is an app to a NOOB.
    There are risks to rooting but being a noob as you so aptly put it, maybe I shouldn't be rooting then even with a one click rooting file. Clearly you are more knowledgeable than me - I can't even get the Dell to talk to my PC even with MyPhoneExplorer - so using a root install isn't going to happen for fear of bricking it.

    Nice you maybe in this post but you seem to be talking down to me - you probably are superior in this area of smartphones so I bow to your better knowledge. Maybe you would like to earn a few quid - I'll send the phone to you to root for me for a fee obviously. Bet you won't.

    I can see I will get no real help or guidance from you. Dell is no help on anything either, and yes, I know they don't help rooters!
    If you can't - better won't -guide me, why reply to my post asking for help. Leave it to those who want to help if they exist - don't just tell me off.

    As a result of your views I am unsubscribing to this thread.

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