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  1. razamakaz

    razamakaz New Member

    Hi Guys, I'm new here.

    I have an HTC Magic. Yesterday I tried to upload a photo to Facebook and it didn't work - I tried twice more and still nothing. I have three "F" icons at the top of my phone which are "ongoing" but I now want to delete and clear them. Is there anyway to cancel/clear these?

    If I try opening them, they take me straight to Facebook's notification page. If I hold my finger on them, nothing happens (as it does when deleting other things).


  2. GreatBigDog

    GreatBigDog Well-Known Member

    When you pull down the notification bar you should have have an option to clear any notifications that can be cleared. If you can't clear them with the clear button or if it doesn't show up, try installing a task killer from the market and use it to kill the running Facebook apps.
  3. dustrho

    dustrho Member

    The only way I can upload it is by doing the following:

    1) Launch Facebook
    2) Click Photos
    3) Select the photo album where you want to dump the photos
    4) Click Menu and then Upload Photo

    That will work every time for you, as it does for me. Uploading it via the Gallery will never work.
  4. rofronzo

    rofronzo New Member

    Go to settings > Applications > Manage applications > Facebook and Clear Data.
    Should clear up for you. Next time make sure you have a steady connection and only upload one at a time. Should be fine.
  5. kvnel

    kvnel New Member

    Thanks that worked for me!
  6. Amblyopia

    Amblyopia New Member

    this working for me as well...

  7. MrAPD

    MrAPD New Member

    Thank you, that worked for me too.
    I can see the posts from 2011, seems the error is still there on Android devices, no good really. Facebook please fix.

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