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  1. TygerX7

    TygerX7 Member

    HI! longtime since I posted here, but I have a issue with my phone for about 2 weeks now, and it only happens on facebook page(i dont use the app, drains way to much battery), here is my problem, hope you can understand.

    When ever I am in the FB Page, either leaving a comments or writing a status update, basically anytime i have to type in facebook, I can't use Capitol letters because when ever I do, it either gives me a option to select text to copy or does another random thing(depend on the browser), I cant use LONG presses on keyboard because the letter just keeps going, example (if i long press N it goes nnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn), instead of giving me the option to write

  2. 9524426599

    9524426599 New Member

    I want fb tamil font

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