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  1. lisaekh

    lisaekh New Member

    Does anyone else have problems with Facebook "disappearing" from their phones? I load it to the SD card and it works fine for awhile. Then at some point the icon changes to the android icon, and when I click on it it says "activity not found".

    I have this problem with some other apps too, so it's not specific to Facebook - this is just the app I really want to be able to use.

    As soon as I have the time, I'm planning to try to root my phone and hoping that will solve this problem, but I'd love to hear if anyone else has fixed this on their phone.


  2. Frisco

    Frisco =Luceat Lux Vestra= VIP Member

    Does the Huawei Ascend Y allow apps to run from the external sd card?

    Many Android devices need the apk loaded into internal memory in order to function (unless rooted and an "apps2sd" program is used).
  3. lisaekh

    lisaekh New Member

    Some apps work fine from the SD card, so the phone must allow it. What you say makes sense - I'll see how things go after I get the phone rooted.

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