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  1. Jessicalt1

    Jessicalt1 Well-Known Member

    Is it possible for the Facebook app to link contacts so that their pictures show on this phone or is that a Sense specific thing?

  2. feigndeaf

    feigndeaf Active Member

    It works just fine on the Optimus S.

    It will link what you already have in contacts only, or it will add all your facebook contacts.
  3. Jessicalt1

    Jessicalt1 Well-Known Member

    I asked too soon! I came back to my phone in a little bit and it had linked them. Thanks for your help though!
  4. Jessicalt1

    Jessicalt1 Well-Known Member

    Ok here's another question about it... can you force it to link with someone who's name is different in my phone book... say "mom" for example?
  5. jen8112

    jen8112 Well-Known Member

    I have still not figured this out. On my Hero it said "link to Facebook" and you could choose a profile to link. Have tried and tried and can't seem to do this on my Optimus. Anyone have a fix?
  6. Jessicalt1

    Jessicalt1 Well-Known Member

    Same here. I don't really want to change my mother's name to her whole name, Mom works for me. But it'd be nice to have it linked. One benefit of Sense I guess. :(
  7. jen8112

    jen8112 Well-Known Member

    Figured it out! You have to put their whole name menu>edit>menu>join.

    Also you can use their whole name, join then change their name. ;)
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  8. Jessicalt1

    Jessicalt1 Well-Known Member

    Jen... I think I love you! Thanks for figuring that out!
  9. jen8112

    jen8112 Well-Known Member

    Haha...no prob. :)
  10. waylonrobert

    waylonrobert Member

    Kudos for figuring this out.
  11. jen8112

    jen8112 Well-Known Member

    Thanks...only took me a month. ;)
  12. nklsmom

    nklsmom New Member

    Can someone walk me through this?? I just got the phone. I have facebook on it, I have my contacts saved. I cannot find where to link them?? I am using my own ID - does that have anything to do with it???
  13. mizzy

    mizzy Member

    On the contact view, follow the steps to join with facebook profile
    - Go to contact
    - Hit the options button (Second button) and select Edit contact
    - On the edit contact screen hit the options button again and select Join
    That would allow u to select the profile to join.
  14. Sunshine 79

    Sunshine 79 New Member

    This was so helpful and easy. Thank you! I now have pictures to go with all of my contacts.
  15. Angi1022116

    Angi1022116 New Member

    Hi, I had no problem syncing my contacts, except I would like to sync my own facebook profile with my phone for my picture whrn messaging. I added myself as a contact on my phone and tried to force join but of course it didnt have that option since it was the devices number. I also tried going to my facebook profile to manage it to select the sync option but of course that wasnt possible either. Any help would be much appreciated. Also sorry for typos I hate this new gingerbread update too.;)

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