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  1. sakshi_kataria

    sakshi_kataria New Member


    in my samsung galaxy y , the interenet stops working whenever screen get locked means i wont get any msgs on whatsapp or emails after screen lock. Some days ago i had restored my phone. after that i am facing this issue.
    please help me to solve this issue.

    Thanks in Advance
    Sakshi Kataria

  2. akhazhu

    akhazhu Member

    wat rom are you using?..
  3. lophi

    lophi New Member

    Im having a problem with my samsung galaxy y .. when Im trying to go to the recovery, it automatically goes to the CWM .. what should I do ?? ..
  4. lophi

    lophi New Member

    hi guys !!

    who knows how to use ODIN for android ?? ...

    pls help .. !!

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