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  1. varny

    varny New Member

    Hey guys...I have recently purchased a Samsung galaxy pro GT-B7510 and I've been facing a problem from the day one ,Sometimes when I try to unlock my phone, touch doesnt work..so obviously phone becomes useless...this is happening quite often now..also because of this i cannot answer an incoming call..
    Secondly during messaging or listenin music, screen starts movin..the notification bar keeps coming.
    As this is my first android phone, i dont have any idea what should i do to fix it?? Doest it happen with all the android phones??

  2. Chr1zt1an

    Chr1zt1an New Member

    Having mine for two weeks now and i can tell you that's not normal, touch not working ? not a good sign and something you may not be able to fix yourself.

    Better to take it to guarantee or something. :)
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