Fact: Inspire + battery = failed design, sorry guys/gals

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  1. jlm86

    jlm86 Well-Known Member

    While in general the premise of the Inspire smartphone is ingenius, the battery issue defines the "prototype" (which it is) as essentially a failure with respect to mass marketing.

    I am somewhat surprised this made out the door to mass market, as the battery life should have nixed it on the beta testing...

    Smartphone v3 and v4 will eventually figure this out, but he v2 smartphones such as this model are a mass market failure, and a boon to power supply companies, which i have purchase about $100.00 worth of crap to keep my battery going.....

  2. jeremy1701

    jeremy1701 Well-Known Member

    I am quite happy with the battery performance on my Inspire. It works very well with my solar power charger, holds a charge nearly all day long, and best of all, I can change it.

    What are your complaints? I'll admit, the cover is a bit fickle.
  3. h@ystack

    h@ystack Active Member

    You misspelled "opinion". Its not spelled f-a-c-t. Just a heads up.
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  4. John Redcorn

    John Redcorn Well-Known Member

    I knew before I bought it that it was the tiniest batteried android out there.

    I simply made sure I had a charger at work and one in my truck too. Besides charging when I'm in bed, I only have to use those other chargers maybe once a week.

    Doesn't bother me, I wish it were bigger battery but that might not be possible with the cool unibody design.

    How exactly did you spend $100 on things to keep the battery going?

    And why is it that android forums are filled with people who are somehow geeky enough to post on the internet about their phones (most people don't) maybe root or install custom roms yet they are away from 12vdc vehicle power or 120vac house power for more than 24 hours seemingly all the time?
  5. 2manyPHONES

    2manyPHONES Well-Known Member

    Well you could have a Thunderbolt. My friend averages 3 hours of use before needing a charge. I atleast get 4-5x that amount of time off a charge. And i would say me and him use our phones the same amount. Gotta love lte speed (the speed at which your battery drains)
  6. Saltine713

    Saltine713 Well-Known Member

    My battery life lasts pretty long. I guess the OP is one of those people that has full brightness, 4G, Wifi, GPS, bluetooth on and is streaming Pandora and Youtube at the same time. If so, go back to iPhone for that stuff.
  7. kollarism

    kollarism Well-Known Member


    My recommendation: Change your brightness to 20-25%. Its going to look dark until you get used to it, but then you will become accustomed to it and it will look normal. I only go up to 100% outside to check something in the daylight, or show someone something on my phone. My phone last me 14-25hrs depending on my usage.
  8. ebritt

    ebritt Active Member

    :confused:My battery lasts OK I guess, nothing stellar, but not "crap" either. I also keep charger in car and at work because I use it quite a bit in both places. I DID however turn off the Live Wallpapers, even though they are really cool, because they are the single worst battery hogs I have seen so far.

    Maybe this post was just a troll???
  9. badams1

    badams1 Active Member

    Lasts me all day without trying...not sure what else you could expect.
  10. kb58

    kb58 Well-Known Member

    Yeah sorry, the Bash-the-Inspire bus can leave without me, too. In my 17-hr day, it typically has ~65% charge remaining when it's plugged into its charger - pretty effing good. Granted I don't yak on the phone all day, play games for hours, or type endless e-mails, which means that for me, the battery lasts a very long time. As was mentioned, to impose your opinion as a sweeping all-encompassing fact as if you represent the opinion of all Inspire users everywhere is very presumptuous.
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  11. Saltine713

    Saltine713 Well-Known Member

    Yeah, the battery lasts long for ME as well. I rarely use data as I only have 200 MB/month. Usually Ill use Wifi when at work or Starbucks or something. But I do listen to the radio/play games while on the train, so the battery does diminish a bit.
  12. RigelX

    RigelX Well-Known Member

    While I'm sure a longer-lasting battery is on every smartphone owners wish list, the Inspire's battery life far exceeded my expectations based on the research I did prior to buying one.

    I'm plenty satisfied with it.
  13. KupKrazy

    KupKrazy Well-Known Member

    I have both the Inspire and Droid Charge and frankly the battery life on both is comparable. I don't think it's an Inspire thing. It's a "man these phones do a lot more than make calls" thing.
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  14. chall80

    chall80 Well-Known Member

    I'm gonna have to agree...If my phone stays static it uses very little battery due to my Juice Defender app. When I'm using it though, it definitely uses the battery up. Thats just the price we pay for greatness...
  15. niksha

    niksha New Member

    I agree with u totally mate.By mid afternoon the battery is at about 30% with a total of maybe 2 hrs talk and maybe 1 hour of internet usage.The data is only turned on when i want to get my email or surf the internet thus, is not on all the time. The brightness is on at 25%,no pandora no blue tooth etc .I honestly hope that they do improve the battery next time cuz if it wasnt for that one issue this phone is second to none!
  16. Saltine713

    Saltine713 Well-Known Member

    Well those with Juice Defender on, I will tell you right now that it uses more battery life that it saves.

    Want to know my little secret?

    1. Brightness is 0% at night, 25% during the day with a 15 or 30 second timeout.

    2. Haptic feedback is set to only the soft button touches.

    3. I only turn on mobile data when I need it, otherwise I shut it off.

    4. When in an application and you are finished with it, rather than just press the home button, keep pressing the back button until it asks you to exit the app. This is a safe way to "kill" the app.

    5. Task killers also kill battery life and also your OS.

    6. If I know I'm not going to be using my phone for a while like at work or if Im in the subway with no service, Ill usually just put it on airplane mode or sometimes just shut it off.

    7. If you are on calls a lot, lower the speaker volume so you can still hear the person, but it isn't at the top setting of loudness.

    8. If you have 4gigs of data or whatever, I know it is tempting to leave background data and stuff on, but turn it off so a bunch of apps don't open and sync themselves.
  17. TennisProNB1

    TennisProNB1 Well-Known Member

    I use my phone all day for business calls and at the end of the day i have about 35% left. I think that awesome for a phone that is pretty powerful...granted im not running a sense rom...but even before i left the sense UI...i was still getting a full days worth of calls without having to charger her up

  18. Intervention

    Intervention Member

    I am genuinely happy with my battery life. Granted, I am sitting in school half the day with my phone in my pocket and 4G disabled, but that's good enough for me. I'm not *cough*OP*cough* who struts around with 4G, Bluetooth, GPS and every other service running while streaming Youtube, but if he wants to do that, crawl back to iPhone.
  19. jbphoto

    jbphoto New Member

    The first couple of days I had my phone and constantly played with it, my battery lasted maybe 18 hours - but then I went home and plugged it in.

    Now if I don't charge it one night I am ok for the next day. I regularly get close to 48 hours per charge. I only turn on WiFi and Data when I want it, and my screen brightness is down around 25%.
  20. StandingCow

    StandingCow Well-Known Member

    I go through a full day with moderate use just fine, so I am happy with the battery life. Don't even bring a charger to work anymore.
  21. dogbertus

    dogbertus Well-Known Member

    I think having an Android smartphone is always going to be a sort of perpetual struggle to squeeze as much battery from it as possible.

    That being said, there are numerous ways (most listed above) to save battery life. Keep data/gps/etc off when you don't need it. Root and mess with the CPU and see if that helps. Try flashing a new ROM -- I've heard reports that some are much easier on the battery than the stock sense (though I haven't tested this extensively.) Try buying an aftermarket battery -- maybe the stock one you got isn't so good for some reason.

    The bad thing about Android is that you have to tinker for hours to make it work just right. :mad: The good thing about Android is you have to tinker for hours to make it work just right. :) If you didn't want to tinker for hours, you should have gotten an iPhone.

    My phone will run at least a full day with light 4g use and frequent wi-fi use.

    Also, how on earth did you spend $100 on accessories for it? Good lord.
  22. Saltine713

    Saltine713 Well-Known Member

    Anyone who complains about battery life needs to stop using Android like an iPhone. Turn off 4/3G when not using it, turn off GPS/Wifi/Bluetooth when not using it, and lower the brightness on the screen.

    Seriously, it isn't that hard.

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