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Factory Reset Activa 4G

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  1. bdawg5020

    bdawg5020 Member


    I having serious problems with my phone I cant download anything from the play store anymore because every time I get an error saying "insufficient memory" even though i have enough internal and external memory.

    I tried to hard reset the phone but the only thing that come up is a white screen that says "QPST DOWNLOADER Key Pressed" and that's it

    and when I factory reset the phone from the settings menu it doesn't do anything but delete everything on my sd card.

    so i decided to download the original firmware from the huawei homepage with the tfupdate.img but when I place it on the SD Card and do the software update it says that it cant find the update and resets. Am I supposed to place the tfupdate.img somewhere else on the sd card?

    I seriously need help because I m going crazy.

  2. Kiddmint

    Kiddmint Member

    Ummm Did You Put The Img File Separately ???
  3. BlazingFire258

    BlazingFire258 Well-Known Member

    It's suppose to be in a folder called "image". So on the root of your SD card there has to be a folder called "image" with the tfupdate.img file inside that folder. Do that and try to update again. It should work.
  4. bdawg5020

    bdawg5020 Member

    what do u mean separately?
  5. bdawg5020

    bdawg5020 Member

    yes i put it into a folder called "image" and I put that folder on the first "page" when u open the sd card on the computer. there are a couple of other folders like "download", "android", etc
  6. BlazingFire258

    BlazingFire258 Well-Known Member

    Then it should work, I don't see why it won't, I've used that method half a dozen times with no issue. I wonder whats wrong :confused: Which volume button are you pressing when you turn on your phone?
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  7. bdawg5020

    bdawg5020 Member

    Yea thats why I dont understand why it is not working. i cant even factory reset or hard reset my phone.

    when i press the volume button down I get: "QPST DOWNLOADER Key Pressed
    and when i press it up I get: "tfupdate.img does not exist"

    (maybe it was vice versa :D)
  8. PandaHacker

    PandaHacker Well-Known Member

    You need to have the actual tfupdate.img file on the root of the sd. Take it out of that image folder and paste it to where the folder originally was
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  9. Flablitz

    Flablitz Well-Known Member

    Sorry for resurrecting an old topic, but wanted to say thanks to Panda and Blazing fire. I'm sure OP must have got his answer/resolution to his problem, and others also. Hell, I may need it in the future!!! :p

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