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  1. epp

    epp Well-Known Member

    My M835 originally had the Build 622 software installed (B622 at the end of the version number). It has since been upgraded to Build 666 (B666) that was provided via Huawei's web site.

    If I do another factory reset of the phone, will the phone revert back to B622, or will it reinstall B666?

    The upgrade directory and files for B666 remain on the SD card, I did not remove them after it was upgraded.

    Thank you.

  2. alpha0990

    alpha0990 Well-Known Member

    Back to B666 clean
  3. epp

    epp Well-Known Member

    Thanks. It didn't solve the reboot issue though. :(
  4. TBTE

    TBTE Well-Known Member

    I don't get the reinstall issue?

    If you factory reset it will go back and reinstall B666 (Devil's in)
  5. epp

    epp Well-Known Member

    I'm no longer using the M835. It rebooted too many times with no solution available.

    I will not buy anything made by Huawei anymore.
  6. TBTE

    TBTE Well-Known Member

    Good choice
  7. MacinTime

    MacinTime Active Member

    All android phones will do that :p you just need to Complete reset :)
    Also try to get a better build Huawei Phone like the Huawei Honor. Getting it today :D
  8. epp

    epp Well-Known Member

    I did enough resets of that phone. Trust me. I will NOT buy anything Huawei anymore, period, end of story. :mad:

    The phone was rock-solid when it had a native metroPCS signal and the roaming selection was on "MetroPCS Only." Otherwise, it was doing "The Reboot".

    Glad I'm rid of it. :wavey:
  9. downeaststudio

    downeaststudio Well-Known Member

    My wife's cousin has this phone and has a problem with the phone crashing and rebooting itself when the phone is idle. It doesn't do that while the phone is in use, however, so what he does to circumvent the problem is to leave an app like his music player or something running....
  10. epp

    epp Well-Known Member

    I noticed this as well when the phone was roaming on Sprint. I web browsed for a solid hour and the phone did not reboot. It only rebooted when it was idle. I suspect there is a software issue with the M835 that causes it to reboot like that. Even the update Huawei made available via their web site (I call it the B666 update), did not fix this problem. A friend who is a Linux engineer believes it is a device driver problem.
  11. masternguyen

    masternguyen New Member

    My phone is running on Android 2.3 . Now I upgrade it to Android 4.0. I don't sure after I reset to facotory mode, my phone will turn to Andoid 2.3 or Android 4.0 ?

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