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Factory reset deleted my contacts.Support

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  1. qw3rty

    qw3rty New Member

    Just factory reset a Samsung Intercept. Half of the contacts were deleted, N-Z, but A-M are still there. They were deleted from gmail.

    I cant figure out how to get them back, I tried to use the gmail restore feature, to as far back as 30 days ago, and still only a-m are there.

    What happened? How can I get them back?

    I didn't have a backup because I thought google was the back up.

  2. harvickchick

    harvickchick Well-Known Member

    You can put them on your SD card and then import them back after you reset. (for future references)

    That's weird that half of them are still there!
  3. SoftWyer

    SoftWyer Well-Known Member

    Not intending to be insulting, but is there another page that gmail shows? My contacts on gmail show A-T with the rest on the next page...

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