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Factory Reset Doesn't workSupport

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  1. generic79

    generic79 New Member

    Hi all,I just flash my phone GT-I9003 to SEA Firmware 2.3.5baseband version: I9003DXKP7Build No. : DXKP9my problem now is I've try several ways to do factory reset, hard reset...but everytime after phone reboot, all my applications & accounts are still there.. seems like doesn't match with those commented on the web such as account deleted, all application deleted... Any problem with it? Because it gives me forces close on those apps that I've installed earlier... due to apps are not removed during hard reset....

  2. ZeroOne

    ZeroOne Guest

    try to get into the boot loader and do a factory reset,clear cache,dalvik cache.
  3. generic79

    generic79 New Member

    sorry i'm newbie here...
    boot loader <-- means recovery mode?
    how about dalvik cache? get it from the android market?
    thx for the help!!

    no matter how many times i uninstall my apps... everytime restart, the apps will still remain there... even though i'm using "My File" to delete the files & folders... it will remain there everytime i restart my phone...
  4. dinosudheer

    dinosudheer New Member

    turn off the fone hold up volume rocker + home key + power button and now in the options select delete data and next clear catche partition and restart now.this should work otherwise you have to update with new firmware again
  5. aalsaker

    aalsaker Member

    i've got the same phone with the exact same problem... no matter what i do the applications still aren't deleted. My apps keep on forcing me to close them due to some random reasons. My internal SD card keeps on stopp working just randomly and to use my phone i haave to restart my phone.... when i restart my phone everything goes back to the way it was before.... and all the picture or chats histories are reset back to that... any ideas?
  6. abdo2009

    abdo2009 Member

    hay friend my brother had the same problem in his I9003 phone this problem is due to internal memory corruption of the phone so the system cann't enter into it to remove all the data stored on it .... i am sure that all the other app and data which are stored on the external SD are removed with you but those remaining are those stored on the INTERNAL SD card programs like skype and GMaps remain ..... i know that problem very well because it has faced us without any solution except to change the main board of the phone ..... this video is for the problem we have recorded it
    " Internal SD card Unexpectedly removed " i9003, Samsung Logo - YouTube
  7. harsh110589

    harsh110589 New Member

    hey any idea how much the motherboard for galaxy sl gt i9003 would cost in india ?

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