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Factory Reset From emergency mode?Support

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  1. myil

    myil Member

    is there any way at all that i can factory reset my phone while it's stuck on emergency mode?

  2. HonestGuvnor

    HonestGuvnor Active Member

  3. myil

    myil Member

    i tried it but the updater still stops at 4%. and the other method doesn't work either. Any more suggestions?
  4. HonestGuvnor

    HonestGuvnor Active Member

    I am not sure I am a good source advice given my newness to the phone and my inability to login as root (bought from Carphone Warehouse) to see what is there and what is not. I was also unaware that there was an upgrade until the end of next week or the week after.

    If you have done nothing to void the warranty, I would suggest returning the phone to the shop and replacing it with another one. If you have made modifications to the administrative system then it may help others to know what. It may also be helpful if you can state what lg hardware you can see, confirm the absence of the lg modem driver, what happened when you pressed the key combination, how long you waited after the apparent stall, etc...

    I appreciate that this is only general advice but it may help others that know more about the situation you are in to give you pointers.
  5. myil

    myil Member

    well... my phone is stuck in emergency mode and in the device manager i can only see the LG android usb modem, LGE serial usb port and LG composite USB device. the usb only connects when i disable the LG android usb modem otherwise, it would be USB not recognized. Also, when i tried the key combination, it didn't do anything as i am stuck in emergency mode. Does anyone know what it means when my phone is stuck in emergency mode? does it mean that the phone's rom is messed up?
  6. HonestGuvnor

    HonestGuvnor Active Member

    The advice in the original link said that the modem one needs to be disabled or else the connection does not work. That would seem worth a try.

    How messed up your phone is depends on what you have been doing to it. Unless it has been something really daft it is likely to be straightforward to recover for someone that understands the booting/flashing/etc... options but that someone is not me.
  7. myil

    myil Member

    well i tried it but its just that it keeps failing when i try to flash it and the updater disconnects at the ANALYZING stage using the LG updater tool
  8. myil

    myil Member

    can anyone help?
  9. babylove1109

    babylove1109 New Member

    my phone is stuck on emergency mode what do i do to get it off my phone
  10. JeffSorrows

    JeffSorrows New Member

    A quick fix is to pull the battery and place it back where you can easily pull it out but won't come out without a small jerk. (Not recommended) but works.. Anyways pull battery out push back in then the press the power, if still in emergency mode then repeat, until it works. It could potentially harm your phone but a quick way to gani access to your phone before you send it off for fixing. I tried this quick fix but once my phone died or was reset it shot straight back to this mode. So, just use this method to get your stuff on your phone if needed off it, then be sent to fix.

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