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  1. galapop

    galapop New Member

    I have a Galaxy S5570.
    While testing the screen protection mechanisms, I set the PIN password.
    I knew the 4-digit sequence that I had entered. But when the screen was locked, it could not be unlocked with the same 4-digit seqeunce.
    The problem is that I have made more than 30 attempts now, and I am sure even if I enter the correct seqeunce, it will not accept!!!

    Never mind. I do not need the data. I want to do a hard reset or a factory reset.
    The phone is not rooted and still covered.
    I am not able to find any method anywhere that could tell how to reset it.

    I tried different combinations and have always ensured that the battery is full charged at 100% when trying to do a reset.

    Tried a firmware upgrade thru Kies too. The firmware upgrade went fine, but the data has not been reset.

    I have notified the Samsung support, but have not received any good information from the rep yet.

    Any suggestions?

    Please do not ask me to root it, I do not want to void the warranty within 1 month of purchase :)

  2. galapop

    galapop New Member

    I am answering my own question, after searching everywhere for the answer.

    Spent MANY hours searching for the recovery menu combo, but I could not find it OR maybe I could not press the buttons with the exact same timings.

    Anway, a good method is to connect the USB cable and use adb to connect to the phone.

    At the prompt, where the adb.exe is present, give the command "adb reboot recovery".
    The phone reboots and presents the recovery menu.
    The android may be rooted or non-rooted for this purpose.
    This is a very generic solution and should be applicable to all the android phones that can connect to the computer using android-sdk.
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  3. Sixindio

    Sixindio New Member

    you fixed this?
    what happens after you've done this?
    just the same when you hard reset the mobile?

    NASIHA New Member

    i have same prob as yours? but i really dont understand what is adb? can u help me with this? because this is my 1st android and i just bought it today!
  5. sleepy04

    sleepy04 New Member

    Well, can not find the easy solution for this, I brought my phone to Service center and they loaded the standard ROM to fix it.
  6. galapop

    galapop New Member

    @Sixindio: the reset is same as hard-reset of mobile; all data is wiped off, but the data on sdcard remains intact. All apps are gone though.

    @NASIHA: search for adb and find suitable stuff, i cant just explain it to you here in a few lines. In brief, adb is an executable to connect to android phones and use the linux shell of the phone from PC.

    @sleepy04: Thats what they do when you give the phone to the Service Center and I did not want my phone in their hands for the same reason - they do not wait for alternatives - but just reload the ROM and hand it back !
    So, the next time we commit the same mistake we must have solutions/alternatives.
  7. normang

    normang New Member

    Turn off S5570. Press and hold Enter (Center) button while power on phone, keep pressing middle button until "Android system recovery" menu appears. Scroll with volume down button, select "wipe data/factory reset" with middle button and after the wipe select rebbot option!
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  8. yagya

    yagya Well-Known Member

  9. yagya

    yagya Well-Known Member

    TO reset your android:
    Simply got to recovery and wipe data/do a factory reset.

    To go to recovery press Home + Power button (when your phone is turned off) or simply use root manager app.

    Or, try adb command adb reboot recovery as suggested above .. Learn more on using adb at Handy Informations: A Complete Guide to Install and Use ADB on Windows?

  10. parvez000710

    parvez000710 New Member

    thank i solve the prob good post
  11. parvez000710

    parvez000710 New Member

    first press centre key means enter then power key
    select hard reset option
    then reboot mobile
  12. azuul

    azuul Member

    ive recently factory reset my galaxy mini. before i reset my device. my market was already updated. (google play) but after i factory reset it. it doesnt update anymore.
    thanks in advance. how can i update it again? should i wait?
  13. Hemantlele

    Hemantlele New Member

    Thanks Dear,
    It is really working fine.
  14. bhim8092

    bhim8092 New Member

    thanks bro
  15. punk23

    punk23 Member

    In application settings select market an wipe data ....this might elp

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