factory reset screwed up WiFi on phone???Support

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  1. satch4684

    satch4684 New Member

    this is so frustrating, the phone became incredibly slow to respond in anything i do and download from the market is nearly impossible....it all seems directly related to the WiFi symbol in the corner highlighting blue and then greying out constantly.

    yes i noticed it grey out at times before the factory reset, but i dont re-call this ever causing any sort of problem. its a samsung galaxy indulge.

    it seems to be getting better but i cant be sure, after tryin 8,000 times i finally managed to get a few apps installed recently. any idea whats causing this or how i can fix?

  2. Rush

    Rush {<>}~{<>}

    Hello and welcome aboard.. Usually a reset would've fixed most problems, but I guess it wasn't like this for you. Anyway, I moved your thread to the Indulge (support) Forum to get it some better responses. :)
  3. satch4684

    satch4684 New Member

    ok thanks, also i did not have any problems whatsoever, i only did a factory reset to clear data on the phone....it was as if the factory reset caused the problem

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