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Factory Reset - what happens to Market/Google Play?Support

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  1. gricehead

    gricehead New Member


    Due to a few niggles on my HTC Desire, I want to do a factory reset.

    It's locked to Orange, and therefore on Android 2.2.

    I'm a bit worried that if I do a Factory Reset I won't be able to get into Market to get my apps (due to market changing to Google Play) - can anyone reassure me?

    I don't have any fall back options like connecting to PC as the thing has only once ever successfully connected via USB. (I'm sort of hoping a factory reset may make this work!) This obviously rules out any rooting option as well.

    Thanks in advance

  2. JDY

    JDY Well-Known Member

    If you factory reset you'll get the old market, this may automatically update to the play store like it did originally or you can just install the latest play store by downloading the .apk file from the internet.
  3. Tyseyh

    Tyseyh Well-Known Member

    "It's locked to Orange, and therefore on Android 2.2."

    Not true, running a 2.3 Dev will allow you to run Gingerbread.
  4. JDY

    JDY Well-Known Member

    And if your gonna factory reset then you may want to consider updating to 2.3
  5. gricehead

    gricehead New Member

    Thanks for the replies - but as far as I can tell you've all suggested something which requires connecting to the PC :(

    Will the market update to Google Play without needing any fancy moves which require rooting or USB connection?
  6. Tyseyh

    Tyseyh Well-Known Member

    Oh i didn't realise you couldn't connect to the PC. Sorry, i tend to scim through posts.
  7. JDY

    JDY Well-Known Member

    just download this com.android.vending-3.5.16 - Minus onto your sd card and install it using a file manager and it will update the market to the latest version of play store so you can view all your previously installed apps. You will have to go into settings>applications>tick the unknown sources box.
  8. gricehead

    gricehead New Member

    Sorry for being thick :(

    Do I install that downloaded file before I do the factory reset? Doesn't it get wiped by the reset?

    Or if I'm supposed to install it after the factory reset, how do I get a file manager on without access to play store?
  9. JDY

    JDY Well-Known Member

    Install it after factory reset. You will still have the android market when you reset just an older version so download an app like es file explorer from the market and then install the new play store and you'll have the latest version.
  10. SUroot

    SUroot Well-Known Member Developer

    Downloads go to sd card. Sd is not included in a factory reset

    When you say only connected to usb once, was that with or without HTC sync?
  11. gricehead

    gricehead New Member

    That was without HTC sync (mount as disk drive)

    Since then it won't connect either with or without HTC sync.

    Edit: I've tried the various suggestions in other threads regarding USB connections on this site and elsewhere
  12. SUroot

    SUroot Well-Known Member Developer

    Then there's a fault

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