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  1. jdfmcok

    jdfmcok New Member

    I have a Kyocera Zio demo unit that has been locked due to too many unsuccessful pattern attempts. The demo unit did not come with a manual and Kyocera reps will not provide any support for this phone. I need to factory reset it, does anyone know how this can be done?

    Hard buttons are camera, call and hangup(power), trackball, and volume rocker.

  2. aj203355

    aj203355 New Member

    ***a factory reset will erase all of your data on your phone including everything (and I mean everything) on the internal memory (messages, logs, calls, pictures, contacts) so I highly recommend backing up your data and backing up your applications somehow.

    With the phone powered on, dial [##4357*] (without the brackets).
    Then select [view].
    Scroll to the bottom of the and select [reset]
    Then enter [000000] (six zeros)
    Then select [OK]
    It is recommended to re-program your phone after factory resetting it. (listed below)
    dial [*228] and then press [send] and wait for phone to reset.
  3. phazei

    phazei Member

    That's not a full phone reset. There's a procedure to turn the phone on and off X many times, then take the battery out for X seconds, then hold a bunch of buttons for a while. It doesn't seem to always work.

    Sanyo Kyocera ZIO M6000 - Cricket - Reset?
  4. karl559

    karl559 New Member

    i had a problem i got it fixed was hard but if u need help email me @ c91.williams@gmail.com ill try too help u..
  5. wwwilly1986

    wwwilly1986 Member

    This can be done pretty easily. First go here and download the Android SDK. Android SDK | Android Developers

    Unzip the android-sdk-windows folder and place it on the root of your C: drive. Then open up a blank command prompt window and type cd\android-sdk-windows. Then type cd tools. Now boot up your phone into usb fastboot mode by starting with it powered off, hold volume up, end, trackball and power. You should see some text on the screen with "USB Fastboot Mode" at the top of the screen. Plug it into your computer using the USB cable. Now back at the command prompt window type fastboot -w. This will erase the userdata and cache partitions and your phone will be factory reset. Once thats done it will give you a success message. Just type reboot into the command prompt window and you will be good to go. If you need any more help just let me know.

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