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  1. hainman

    hainman Well-Known Member

    hi.im looking to factory reset my phone.i dont want my emails and numbers or any personal stuff on it when i sell it.i cant remember how to scrub it to new,
    many thanks craig

  2. Jon_LTD

    Jon_LTD Well-Known Member

    Hi Craig

    To wipe your phone you must do the following:

    1. Power off your phone completely.
    2. With the phone turned off, press and hold VOLUME DOWN and press and release the Power button
    3. Wait for the white screen showing 3 androids skateboarding (release VOLUME DOWN)
    4. Navigate to "Clear Storage" using the volume buttons and press power button
    5. Confirm this by pressing VOLUME UP

    All done!

    Note, this won't delete any data from your sd card. You'll have to do this by formatting it through your phone or connect it to your computer.
  3. hainman

    hainman Well-Known Member

    do i need sim card in phone to do this??tried without and not doing what you described
  4. SUroot

    SUroot Well-Known Member Developer

    Why not just settings > privacy?
  5. Jon_LTD

    Jon_LTD Well-Known Member

    Not having a sim card in your phone shouldn't make any difference.

    Just to clarify, if your phone is off, you must keep VOLUME DOWN held down whilst you press and release the power button.
    What does it do when you try to do this?
  6. Jon_LTD

    Jon_LTD Well-Known Member

    Lol - or this. Either/or.

    I've only ever done the afore mentioned way :D
  7. SUroot

    SUroot Well-Known Member Developer

    Once you're customed, the menu option no longer works anyway, but it works well on stock.

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