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  1. mikefla

    mikefla Well-Known Member

    Hello one question Im about to sell my bionic if i do a factory reset will the phone still be rooted? i did use the root forever when i done it..

  2. New Rising

    New Rising Well-Known Member

    The phone will still be rooted if u factory reset. I'm pretty sure that if u want to go back to stock you'll have to fxz your phone using rsd lite.
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  3. mikefla

    mikefla Well-Known Member

    ok thank you! I think im just going to sell the phone rooted..
  4. OutOfPhase

    OutOfPhase Premium Member

    You could always use RSDLite to flash the 5.9.902 fxz file. That will wipe everything and put your phone back to factory state.

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