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Factory Test App - *#0*#0Tips

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  1. shmn

    shmn Well-Known Member

    If you dial *#0*# into the phone dialer, a built-in factory test app comes up where you can get raw data from the sensors and test a bunch of stuff. Never heard of this until I came across it in another forum.

    Handy to keep in your hip pocket. Maybe this will help someone. Here is screenshot of the main menu that pops up.

    Fixed the typo...Thanks Ironass.


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  2. ironass

    ironass Well-Known Member

    On the Samsung Galaxy S4, International, i9505, quad core, the code is simply...

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  3. SAL8116

    SAL8116 Well-Known Member

    That was interesting...
  4. allanlaw

    allanlaw Well-Known Member

    And dial whatever you like into a Verizon S4 and nothing happens . . . :rolleyes:
  5. akaivyleaf

    akaivyleaf Well-Known Member

    Had to restart after that one. It worked, I received the menu, and pressed sensor and there was no way to exit.
  6. shmn

    shmn Well-Known Member

    I'm on Sprint so I can't speak for Verizon. This is a Samsung feature so I would think it would work on any branded Samsung Galaxy phone. Of course, Verizon is known for being dick-heads about a lot of things.

    I just hit the back button a couple of times and it always takes me back to the phone dialer. Sometimes you have to press it a couple of times because, for some reason, the back button seems "less sensitive" in this app...if that is at all possible.
  7. marine one

    marine one Well-Known Member

    Found the same thing!
  8. shmn

    shmn Well-Known Member

    Verizon must really hate their customers. They do, however, have an excellent network. If I'm lucky, I can get dial-up speeds on a good day on Sprint's network. I'm usually around 5-50 kbps. Yes, that's not a typo...kbps not Mbps. But I'm hanging on for that elusive unicorn known as 4G. Sorry for the digression.
  9. Goodspike

    Goodspike Well-Known Member

    Correct. I would have a GE S4 on T-Mobile but for the Verizon network.

    I finally found a place yesterday without service, and it surprised me. It was a state park nature area, but not that far from Seattle. Maybe the park has a cell phone jammer! :D
  10. beowulf7

    beowulf7 Well-Known Member

    Dialing *#0*# with my VZW S4 brings up the "Call cannot be connected" message.

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