Fahrbot Mobile is hiring in Moscow Russia

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  1. Hi guys, im director of a small company in Moscow, Russia. We specialise in enterprise solutions through our UK subsidiary Fahrbot UK, but also have a small team making original applications for Android based in central Moscow.

    We are currently looking to expand the Android team.


    - Minimum 1 year experience programming in Java
    - Technical knowledge of English
    - Any direct experience programming for Android is welcome
    - Based in Moscow, remote work is not on offer


    - Flexible hours (for students)
    - Work day starts at 11 AM
    - All the latest devices for testing
    - Top of the range equipment (i5, 8GB, dual monitor setups for everyone)
    - Privately-owned, comfortable office at Park Kulturi metro
    - Salaries from $1500 to $3000

    Please submit your application to fahrbotmobile@gmail.com.

  2. Bump! I know theres lots of you Russian devs out there!
  3. Still looking for good people!

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