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Failed display - how to reset mobile from PCSupport

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  1. kvsankar

    kvsankar New Member


    The display of my Samsung Galaxy i7500 has failed after I accidentally dropped the phone on a table! The phone can however receive calls.

    I would like to clear/reset the data before I hand over the phone for repair.

    Is there any way I can do a reset (clear all SMS, application data, cache, etc.) from a PC connected to the mobile via USB? Is there a key combination which would achieve the same?


  2. informale

    informale Well-Known Member

    Boot into recovery (voldown+ok+endcall), wait for a little while (I suppose 10-15 seconds is enough). Press home button. That should reset the phone to factory state (will remove all private data and apps, but it will not however restore the original fw, if you flashed the phone).

    There is no way to do it from a PC.
  3. kvsankar

    kvsankar New Member

    Thank you. One follow up question: I presume this procedure can be done even without the SIM card inserted, right?

    - Sankar
  4. informale

    informale Well-Known Member

    I suppose ) However, you can never be sure. A couple of years ago, I was stupid enough to try flashing my Nokia E70 without the sim-card - that did not work )

    If you are worried about your sim contacts being erased, back them up using another phone, or use another sim card when resetting. Though I don't think factory reset is going to remove sim contacts.

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