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Failed OTA update - fixTips

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  1. sgtbilko80

    sgtbilko80 Member

    Spent a frustrating evening struggling with my wifes new note 3. OTA update continually failed (4.2) and restarted itself. Couldn't find a fix on line but this morning I tried updating in airplane mode and it worked 1st time. There is no sim in this note 3 as she is at work with it so hopefully it will work ok but we now have kitkat! Hope this helps someone.

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  2. Bodycount

    Bodycount Well-Known Member

    When did yours fail? During the update process? And if so, what percentage?
  3. dontpanicbobby

    dontpanicbobby Guides Guide

    So if im following the OPs point correctly pulling the sim card then using the update info that was already transmitted by the carrier the update went ahead without a hitch. Is that correct?
  4. Bodycount

    Bodycount Well-Known Member

    He's saying put it in airplane mode so no data is passed. Not sure how this fixes it though.

    I have to do a factory reset on my phone if I'm going to attempt again as even in an unrooted state, it won't download the patch now. I must have froze the wrong app lol

    I wonder if it would work if I downloaded the file onto my computer then transferred it to the phone via USB cable and placed it in the same directory the OTA transfer would have.

    Anyone know a link to the T-Mobile OTA file?
  5. Bodycount

    Bodycount Well-Known Member

    Looks like my knox counter was tripped. Kingo doesn't trip it so it must have been the failed OTA updates I was trying to do.

    So that's why I can't download the update now even though my device is not rooted. :(
  6. Bodycount

    Bodycount Well-Known Member

    Well I'm on 4.4.2 now.

    Samsung Kies 3 did it for me. No errors.


    Found the model of my phone and downloaded the correct OTA which went directly through USB cable. Went into odin mode to do it which is most likely why it worked. OTA was trying to do it while the phone was running.

    my knox counter is still 0x1 though so my warranty is gone. oh well. I haven't broken a phone yet since I always have a case and a leather pouch also.
  7. Rukbat

    Rukbat Well-Known Member

    That happened to my first N3 during a minor OTA. Since it was their fault, they replaced the phone. (There are a few US laws that give the consumer some rights - Magnuson-Moss is one of them.)

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