Failed root attempt, am I okay to send phone back?

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  1. Shnerf

    Shnerf Member

    After using visionary and typing the lines into the Terminal, SU rights were granted but the command yielded a failed first action and I still did not have S-Off after rebooting in hboot. I have decided to return the phone for other reasons but is there a way I can be sure that after a factory reset the phone will be in default condition? I don't want to be charged for messing something up inside the phone. Thank you.

  2. exBBuser

    exBBuser Well-Known Member

    If u still have S-On then ur not perm rooted so ur good.Just run visionary again so can undo ur temp root,erase all the root files u put on the sd card,do a factory reset(optional) and the phone is good to go.
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  3. Shnerf

    Shnerf Member

    Thank you :)

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