Failed Root, Failed Rom Install, Phone won't start.

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  1. AppleSault

    AppleSault New Member

    Hey guys, I'm new here, just tried to root my phone a few days ago. I failed somehow, downloaded superuser and whatnot, but could not gain root access.
    Anyways, I got a little frustrated and started just messing around in the recovery menu trying things out, and I decided to try to install a rom.
    I threw MIUI Vigor on my SD, then I went to the Flash zip menu and installed Miui from my SD card. Everything seemed to go correctly and whatnot, when the install finished, it asked me to reboot my phone. I attempted to do this and the phone got stuck on the green htc logo on white background. I left it sit for a while (About 20 minutes) and then I took the battery out and tried again. Same thing happened. I then turned my phone on holding down the volume down button and that menu loaded up, so I tried to Factory Rest, but it brought me to the recovery menu. I've got no idea what to do now...
    Hopefully I've not done any permanent damage, I know I probably shouldn't have started messing around in areas I had no idea about. I've looked around a bit, but I haven't really found anyone in a similar situation to mine

  2. AppleSault

    AppleSault New Member

  3. thornev

    thornev Well-Known Member

    Right. You have to install superSU when on ICS:

    If your phone is stil messed up, I suggest restoring to factory condition (full wipe from AmonRa), reading up again to get better educated, and then mess around.
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  4. scotty85

    scotty85 Guides Guide

    factory reset is taking you to recovery,because,well,thats what it does. normally the stock recovery would take over,and wipe certain areas of the phone whenthis option is selected. since you have amon installed in place of stock,its logical that this option takes you now to amon.

    if youve installed miui,you may need to install a matching kernel,or you can restore your nandroid backup(you did make one,right?) if the stock kernel is still on your phone,as long as you didnt wipe boot with amon ra.

    search xda for a stock rom that matches whatever software you were on prior to starting this. if you dont know your previous sw version,check hboot: 2.27.0000=newest sw of 4.03.605.2 and 2.25.0000=previous version of 3.14.605.12

    in a worse case,you can relock your bootloader(fastboot oem lock in a cmd window,with the phone in FASTBOOT),and then run an ruu.

    .zip files should be placed on the root of the sd card(use a card reader) and renamed to PH98IMG,then installed in hboot. .exe files are run on the pc,just follow the on screen directions. start the utility with the phone in fastboot.

    after youre back to a working phone,you might check out these links:

    also,youll need to flash superuser in recovery,you cant just install it from the market. the superSU file i recomend is linked in the first link.

    as you can see from the second link,i strongly recomend to launch recovery into memory with the rezound,it makes things a bunch easier.

    holler if you have more questions :)

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