Faint Lines Under Screen / Hardware Defect!?General

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  1. kkh786

    kkh786 Active Member

    I can see two faint grey vertical lines on either side of the screen if I have a light (white) background and brightness settings 1-3! :confused:

    I haven't come across any other issues but I have noticed the lines and they are now bugging me.

    Are these lines normal or do I have a duff handset? I have a couple of weeks to change it if necessary but I am also aware of the stock availability due to high demand.

    Anyone else in same situation (O2 UK handset)?

  2. mjholgate

    mjholgate New Member

    I see this too....
  3. sanitizer

    sanitizer Member

    I have seen a lot of folks complain about this. Wait a few weeks for another batch to come in. Maybe they will fix it.

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