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  1. Doraso

    Doraso New Member

    Hey guys!

    I recently bought Optimus x2 and Im overall very pleased with it. But I have ecountered a thing that annoys me. Im running with haptic feedback on the phone but after the vibration I can hear a faint ring/beep. Is this something you have encountered aswell? Could you test and see if you have it? Just put your ear close to the phone and listen. I just want to know if it is normal or something wrong with the phone.

  2. Angel67

    Angel67 New Member

    I don't seem to get that ring / beep with mine.
  3. TimInIreland

    TimInIreland Member

    Nothing with mine either. Just the faint noise of the motor spinning up when I put my ear to the back of the phone.

    I would return it for replacement if I were you.
  4. Doraso

    Doraso New Member

    Hmm ok, that wasent the answer I hoped for :(. If I return it I will be without the phone for a while and that sucks....

    Hard to describe the sound but it sounds almost like a baby chicken :) Strange comparison but it does sound like it.

    How would you describe the sound when the motor is spinning up? Is it a little squeaky sound?

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