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fake batterys on amazonAccessories

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  1. mailroomman

    mailroomman Well-Known Member This Topic's Starter

    Apr 16, 2011
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    i was a littel borad today and out of the many fake batterys i have been coned into buying for the dhd i decided to take the stickers off one and was amazed to see that the 1600mah battery i got a month ago from amazon was in fact had 900mah printed on the caseing
    shock horror !!!!!!!! well not really i sort of guest it would be the case well not that low more like a 1230 joby.
    and more shockingly how this battery was put together !
    after i had taken the wrapping / stickers off the outer plastic case just fell away from this slab of polished stell case help together by a quick siolder here and there .
    and in thinking what would of happend if it had become a littel hot while in use or charge and come loose inside god only knows what damage could of happend .
    BEWARE PEOPLE !:mad:

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