Fake/Generic Iphone running Android?

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  1. Javerage

    Javerage New Member

    Hi all, I've come across a free fake iphone, one of those generic ones. Looks just like a real one except it runs a different OS. I was wondering if someone here might know some clever ways of installing Android on it? I assume since it's a knock-off, that it must be running some sort of linux based OS?

  2. yashas73

    yashas73 New Member

    Hi...I also very keen to find out an answer for the above question...

    Is there any one got a good real experience to get rid of the faked iphone ???

    Many thanks
  3. mikedt

    mikedt 你好 Guide

    Thing is many of those counterfeit iPhones are already running a version of Android. Often an old version, like 1.6. Not really upgradeable, and TBH most fake iPhones I've seen are garbage.

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