Fake Steve: The Issue With Android (Rebuttal)

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    I’m not going to hide that we’re Android enthusiasts and while we try to be as objective as possible, we certainly take more of a liking to Android than, well… any other mobile platform in the history of the universe. That being said, we understand there is an approaching “problem” with Android regarding potential [...]


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    I got quite the kick out of that. Good read! I would assume that making apps or what ever compatible with one model to the next would be no harder than taking say a theme for a blackberry for say a bold and porting it over to the tour... (sorry all I have experience in is bb lol) It is a rather simple process and only takes a few minutes. Really it is effortless
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    Likewise :)

    I had thought It had been really inconvenient and effort Hungry to Modify the apps to suit all the Handsets. I got that impression from various places on the internet :confused:

    Oh yeah , anyone else seen quite a few post's today about some apps missing from the Android market of Tattoo users? The article nicely explained they don't show because their not yet compatible {Due to the Screen Resolutions}. I hope the dev's can sort this out as It's a shame tattoo users can enjoy all the apps...

    Carl C ;)

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