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  1. Alexxxanderrr

    Alexxxanderrr New Member

    Anyone else having this problem? The messaging icon at the bottom of the screen shows a '' 1'' as tho there is a new message, and but when I open the app there are no new messages. Is this a known bug? Galaxy S3 Verizon.

  2. I have the same issue in my phone. The icons even show 1 or 2 emails when infact I've read them all.
  3. Alexxxanderrr

    Alexxxanderrr New Member

    Yeah I haven't been able to figure it out. And it's driving me crazy. I've looked for a solution but no dice. Anyone else have any thoughts?
  4. always flying

    always flying New Member

    I've had my phone one week and it started doing the same today?...its annoying :mad: i reboot and they disappear,till someone texts, or sends an email
  5. rohit211

    rohit211 New Member

    this bug also start appearing in my unlocked S3 after latest update in which samsung introduced brightness bar in notifications area. I got a temporary solution to this problem without reboot:
    1. Long press home button to open recent items with a task manager button on left
    2. Click on task manager and select Ram tab and click on clear memory button
    3. Go back to Home screen and see
    4. This will remove this false notification until next message comes
    Hope this will help in removing some annoying and also rebooting phone again and again.
    if anyone got any other permanent solution please post here.

  6. mannerz91

    mannerz91 Member

    Also having this problem since update its pissing me off as its a brand new 500 quid phone....many many bugs feel like taking it back to the shop and asking for an xperia s
  7. Gerrymac40

    Gerrymac40 New Member

    Hi All,just joined up so be easy on me..lol.....

    Just got my new SIII and what a phone....never had an Android before....

    How I got rid of this problem was .

    Settings>Developer Options> scroll down to Do not keep activities and un tick this.....Mine has cleared and working ok.



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