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  1. SUroot

    SUroot Well-Known Member Developer

    Bump for reference

  2. sameee781

    sameee781 Well-Known Member

    Is it possible to take a backup of current ROM (unrooted brand new phone's ROM) so that it can be restored after experimenting with some custom ROMs?

    Sorry, I did not understand clearly some points
    ##What about HBOOT?
    My Desire's bootloader inf.
    HBOOT 0.93.0001
    MICROP -051d
    erase size is 20000

    So, what to do to root my desire?

    Current Software info. of my Desire-

    Baseband version
    Build Number ...

    I already downloaded a RRU for my desire
    My one is T-Mobile branded. so when does gold card concept needed?

    Flashing ROM:
    I found another process of flashing that is based on ROM manager. Whats the pros. & cons. of these?
  3. SUroot

    SUroot Well-Known Member Developer

    No, only once rooted. You can restore the rooted version of your rom only. RUU to return to stock

    Nothing special. Follow the unrevoked guide as per the first post

    The gold card allows you to flash an RUU if your phone gets into problems. Make it now.

    Just use recovery, its pretty much just as easy and its not adding the extra layer of software to go wrong. I recommend not using it if you dont have to.
  4. SUroot

    SUroot Well-Known Member Developer

    Added link to goldcard guide / tool
  5. Liamalone

    Liamalone Well-Known Member

    Quality stuff :) Rooted with ease due to this thread, Thanks!
  6. Casual Pete

    Casual Pete Well-Known Member

    Rooted and got Apps2sd working with both your guides,thanks for taking the time to write them,top stuff.:cool:
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  7. DNick

    DNick Well-Known Member

    That guide looks way easier that the last guide I looked at.

    Also, I need my goldcard to be a seperate sd card right. Not the one in my phone usually?
  8. SUroot

    SUroot Well-Known Member Developer

    Welcome to the club!
  9. kewlbuddy

    kewlbuddy Well-Known Member

    can you plz give me link for this ruu, as I didnt find it in shipping roms
  10. sameee781

    sameee781 Well-Known Member

    I downloaded the following RRU from shipping rom site as per SURoot's suggestion-
    Nandroid Backup: Nandroid backup is a backup that takes an entire snapshot of your phone as it is. It can be restored at any time, over any ROM and will restore your phone to be EXACTLY as it was when the backup was taken.
    Titanium Backup: It backs up your applications, their data and settings plus system settings. Unlike Nandroid, it does not back up the ROM.

    What does the underlined line mean? Here ROM backup means what?
  11. SUroot

    SUroot Well-Known Member Developer

    What you think it means, it means

    A nandroid backup also backs up the Rom
  12. sameee781

    sameee781 Well-Known Member

    My Desire is Froyo 2.2 (got a OTA update after purchase). Suppose, I install a new ROM after taking nandroid backup. Now if I want to get back the previous Froyo I need to go for RRU.

    So, Could you please explain where will the nandroid ROM back up be used?
  13. SUroot

    SUroot Well-Known Member Developer

    Nandroid takes a backup of everything on your phone memory. Rom, data etc. It takes you back if restored to that exact.point in time.

    You should take one before everytime you flash something.

    You can only take them after being rooted so yes if you backup your stock Rom once rooted, you can restore it.

    It does not backup or restore recovery or hboot so it won't return you to stock for warranty repair. Only then do you need an ruu
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  14. sameee781

    sameee781 Well-Known Member

    Thanks a lot. Its clear now
  15. SUroot

    SUroot Well-Known Member Developer


    Other UnrEVOked errors...

    There are other errors involving "failed to unlock NAND" or containing "MISC". Although there are lengthy ways to overcome these which often will not work, it may just be as well to downgrade using teppic74's downgrade tool (GSM ONLY), to 2.1 and try with an older unrEVOked version.

    [HOWTO] Downgrade Froyo (2.2) to Stock 2.1 (ANY HBOOT | WIN/LINUX/MAC | ROOT) - xda-developers

    It is also worth noting that CDMA hboot 1.06 is not yet supported by unrEVOked.
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  16. Eris Ed

    Eris Ed Well-Known Member

    It can be the card you use in your phone if you wish. Formatting and partitioning the card only changes data - it doesn't change the 'structure' that makes the card a Gold Card.

    But I think most people prefer to use a small capacity SD for a Gold card and keep it safe somewhere, then get a faster, larger capacity card to use in the phone.
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  17. SUroot

    SUroot Well-Known Member Developer

    Formatting doesn't affect it but I think partitioning does (or can).
  18. Eris Ed

    Eris Ed Well-Known Member

    hmmmmmmm........ I've seen plenty of people START a test to check that out, but can't remember anything conclusive being reported. I suppose there's doubt because of partitioning for A2SD+, and most info is based entirely on formatting a gold card before there was a real need to partition.
  19. SUroot

    SUroot Well-Known Member Developer

    Theres no easy way to check either. Run an ruu.... no thanks ;)
  20. SUroot

    SUroot Well-Known Member Developer

    Added the below to the "what about Hboot?" section:

    (note, if you are already rooted, you can simply download "terminal Emulator" from the market and type:

    Code (Text):
    1. cat /proc/mtd
    And press enter)
  21. DBook

    DBook Member

    I'm not rooted, but I can download terminal emulator, and run that command. Or do you get something additional if you're rooted?
  22. SUroot

    SUroot Well-Known Member Developer

    It needs root. However if you Google visionary+ and use that to get temp root, it should work
  23. DBook

    DBook Member

    Hmmm... not making myself clear :)

    I mean, I am not rooted, but I have terminal emulator. When I run that command, I see this:

    dev: size erasesize name
    mtd0: 00100000 00040000 "misc"
    mtd1: 00480000 00040000 "recovery"
    mtd2: 00340000 00040000 "boot"
    mtd3: 0fa00000 00040000 "system"
    mtd4: 02800000 00040000 "cache"
    mtd5: 096c0000 00040000 "userdata"

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  24. SUroot

    SUroot Well-Known Member Developer

    Oh ok. I didn't know it worked without root. Ace.

    So what are you asking?

    You have erase size 40,000 so make sure if you do root, you follow the special instructions for 40,000 devices in this FAQ
  25. DBook

    DBook Member

    Wasn't asking anything, I ran that command to discover I had an erase size of 40K in the first place :)

    I was in awe of your reputation, and thought I was missing something when you said you needed root to run this command :p

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