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Far Cry 2 - PC

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  1. foo

    foo Well-Known Member

    Has anyone had a chance to play the new Far Cry 2 game for PC?
    If so, what'd you think of it? Graphics/gameplay/etc... seem good?

    I'm probably going to end up purchasing the game, but I wanted get some opinions on it first.

  2. Patton

    Patton Member

    My first post here :)

    Nothing special about the game. Stunning graphics, effects... and that's all. Boring story, boring gameplay, boring scenario like Crysis and other ultra-multi-million-budget games. Better stick to Far Cry 1 and enjoy the roots.
  3. AndRoid07

    AndRoid07 Member

    Exactly how i felt. Graphics are awesome, same with Crysis. But Crysis had a better story than this, and Crysis was not very fun to play. This game was fun for about 1 hour, then it got old and never played it anymore.
  4. XFreeRollerX

    XFreeRollerX Well-Known Member

    I got the game with my new GTX 260 C216 Graphics card and playing this game DX10 1920x1200 resolution with Ultra settings is rediculous

    Dare I say if I turn my gaming computer back on, I might fail my upcoming physics exam

    Far Cry 2 is graphically and storyline a top notch game. In my opinion, better than Fallout 3 which received 100% scores on game reviews from a couple sites.

    I highly suggest you use a rig that has power though - even my rig (at $2000 + $1300 in custom cooling hardware for overclocking speed) struggles with this game.... I hold a good 50 FPS but it dips low once in a while.

    The game itself is really interesting. The world is big and the characters are detailed - overall kind of resembles GTA and Crysis mix... huge worlds, missions to accomplish, and great action

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