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    Full Morse code translator. Get the most out of your phone. Translator with light, sound and vibration. Each letter you enter in the application will be converted to the corresponding Morse code. You can send messages using flash, sound or vibration of your phone. Have fun while learning this interesting code. It also includes a utility to use the flash on your phone as a flashlight. All in one.

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    "Sonidos de animales"
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    Fun application to spend a good time with friends and spend some jokes.
    The most hilarious collection of market flatulence.
    You can send a fart whatsapp bluetooth or the contact or group you want. In addition, you can set the fart that you have selected as ringtone or notification.

    You can also rate and share the app with friends and family.

    The best collection of flatulence.
    Send A fart by WhatsApp or bluetooth.

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