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fascinate 3g vs 4gSupport

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  1. techker

    techker Well-Known Member

    hey guys i need to change my phone (defect) and telus does not have all the phones..

    so i love my samsung..but i want some change..lol

    so i was thinking of the 4g..they added a front facing cam..that all i know..

    what else?is it worth it?or do i go for the htc HD...


  2. nikkisaurusrex

    nikkisaurusrex Active Member

    The Fascinate and the Fascinate 4g is pretty much the exact same phone, theres a slightly longer battery life on the 4g, front facing camera, and of course faster download speeds. You're probably stuck in a contract, but if by luck you're not, you should switch to Bell because the Galaxy S 2 just came out. This phone is a piece of art, I swear, wish I didn't have a contract.. haha
    HTC Desire HD is a sick phone though, can't go wrong.
  3. techker

    techker Well-Known Member

    its hard cause i love my samsung..

    and we loose out big time with the 4 g memory .ram...

    im still afraid of the htc...

    i guess i will wait fo the galaxy 2 on telus..
  4. rawr79

    rawr79 Member

    I just bought the 3G+ instead of the 4G mainly because the 4G didn't have the 16GB internal memory. I am so happy with my 3G+ that i got a second one for the wife. They should hold me over until Telus gets the SGS2 eventually... :)
  5. techker

    techker Well-Known Member

    ya and there is more features that are lost.

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